INQUEST is a small charity with a staff team of eight providing free advice to people bereaved by a death in custody and detention and is entirely independent of government. We are reliant on donations and grants, without which we could not carry on our vital work for truth, justice and accountability

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah

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Stats Watch

31.07.15 There have been 11 deaths involving the police in England & Wales this year to date.

30.07.15 Our casework team has opened 252 cases to date in 2015.

29.07.15 There have been 121 deaths in prison this year, including 10 young people aged 18-24; 1 child aged 16; 46 self-inflicted deaths; and 3 homicides.

14.01.15 2 women have died in prison in 2015.

20.04.15 There has been one death in immigration custody in 2015 so far.

29.01.15 in 2014 there were 242 deaths in prison; 83 were self-inflicted, including 14 young people aged 18-24.

02.01.15 There was one death in immigration custody and two deaths of immigration detainees held in prison in 2014.

02.01.15 There was one fatal police shooting in 2014.

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