Second edition; first edition originally published as Inquests – An information pack for families, friends and advisors in August 2003.

The Inquest Handbook print edition was published by INQUEST in January 2011

At the time of writing we are waiting to see how much of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 the coalition government is going to implement. We will update this web version of the Handbook as well as future printed editions accordingly.

At INQUEST we work hard to make all our written information as easy to read and understand as possible. This handbook does have legal terms and technical information that might be difficult to take in. If you are having any problems understanding information in the handbook then please contact one of our caseworkers who can explain things more clearly, or speak to one of the other organisations on the links page who will also be able to help.

This second edition was updated by the INQUEST staff team. We are grateful for assistance from members of the INQUEST Lawyers Group, voluntary organisations working with bereaved people and the generosity of a number of bereaved families who advised on its content.

INQUEST is grateful to the Law Society Charity, The Persula Foundation and The Rhiannon Trust for assistance with the costs of producing and disseminating this guide.

The information in the printed edition of the Handbook was correct at time of printing in January 2011. The latest version of this guide will always be available online at

We value your feedback on how useful the Inquest Handbook has been to you and would appreciate you giving us your feedback about using the guide in both printed form and online using the form below (all boxes must be completed):

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