INQUEST invites members of the INQUEST Lawyers Group (ILG) to register for this year’s online Annual Conference session: Article 2 Update

Covering domestic and ECtHR Article 2 case law update, including:

  • "Rabone: where are(n't) we now?" (Morahan, Dove, Richards, Boyce).
  • State responsibility for dangerous/hazardous activities (Richards, Kotilainen v Finland, Nicolae Virgiliu Tănase v Romania).
  • Domestic Article 2 conclusions (Ginn, Mays).
  • Arguing domestic homicide cases (Kurt v Austria, Grice).
  • Article 2 and jurisdiction in extraterritorial armed conflict (Hanan v Germany, Georgia v Russia (II)).

Speaker: Jesse Nicholls of Matrix Chambers

This is for ILG members only, to encourage participation and open discussion.

This is a paid for event and all funds go towards helping INQUEST’s vital work.

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