INQUEST works with families from around the UK, with a vast range of backgrounds and experiences. We support bereaved families through the post death processes with the aim of helping individual families access truth, justice and accountability; and we facilitate engagement with media and policy makers with the aim to create wider, systemic change. At the heart of all of our work is the family voice, which is invaluable and all too often overlooked by public institutions. 

Some examples of our engagement with families include: Our family reference group who ensure our work is steered by families. The family blog which allows families to share their stories in their own words. And our family forums and listening days, as described below.

Families have shared powerful positive testimonies about their work with INQUEST, which you can read a selection of here. You can also find links to the campaigns of some of the families we work with here.

One way we facilitate families input into policy and research is through family listening days. A selection of reports on these days are available below. If you would like to organise a family listening day see commission us. Family Listening Days.

Independent Review into Deaths and Serious Incidents in Police CustodyDame Elish Angiolini QC INQUEST Family Listening Day Report May 2017 DOWNLOAD

Bishop's Review of Hillsborough Families' ExperienceRt. Rev James Jones INQUEST Family Listening Day Report April 2017 DOWNLOAD

CQC Review of Investigations into Deaths in NHS TrustsCare Quality Commission INQUEST Family Listening Day Report October 2016 DOWNLOAD

Family Forums 

Hearing about the experiences of families bereaved by a state related death is not only beneficial for public bodies, but also for other affected families. INQUEST organises regular Family Forums which provide a space for mutual support and sharing between the families we work with. 

Many families describe to us their feelings of isolation, stigma, frustration, fears and uncertainty after a death or in the run up to an inquest. In 2002 INQUEST research found the majority of bereaved families facing inquests suffer some serious adverse effects to their health and personal lives. Almost two-thirds noted deterioration in their physical health and 66% recorded increased emotional distress. In response INQUEST decided to build on its strong relations with families and create a space that brings together a diverse group of relatives with different experiences of the post-death and inquest process. 

Travel expenses are paid and tea, coffee, and lunch are provided. Families are also asked if they would like to get more involved with future family meetings and other support networks. Previous Family Forums have offered families an invaluable space to come together and feel more empowered. Families who attended have said: 

“I got so much out of attending the family day and reading the tool kit on my journey home I truly felt empowered.”

“We felt very welcome and there was a sense of warmth within the group sharing such unique experiences. The venue was ideal providing a safe environment to share personal stories and to listen and learn from others.”

“Its heart-breaking that so many people need the support of INQUEST  but heart-warming that events such as the family forum exist.”

If you would like to find out more, please contact us. If you are a family member and would like to attend future events please speak to your caseworker.