INQUEST is a small charity with an exceptional media profile, often appearing in the national press and broadcast news several times a week. Listed is a selection of the latest media coverage of INQUEST cases, comment and policy updates.


Freed prisoners killing themselves at a rate of one every two days

Jamie Grierson, The Guardian 18 November 2019

Man died in immigration detention after 'dismissed' stroke as sign he had taken spice

May Bulman, The Independent 13 November 2019

Prison welfare hotlines are failing to answer calls from concerned relatives reporting fears about suicidal inmates because the system needs overhaul, report claims

Daily Mail 31 October 2019

Self-harming in prisons at record high in England and Wales with new incident every ten minutes

May Bulman, The Independent 31 October 2019

Self-inflicted deaths among offenders on probation rise by a fifth

Jamie Grierson, The Guardian 31 October 2019

Grenfell survivors demand prosecution of top fire brigade officers after damning inquiry report

May Bulman, The Independent 30 October 2019




The number of people who died during and after contact with Humberside Police

Grimsby Telegraph 10 September 2019

11 people die after contact with Thames Valley Police in one year

Berkshire Live 9 September 2019

The number of people dying after or during police contact in Birmingham

Birmingham Mail 7 September 2019

Deaths involving police cars leap by almost half in a year, official figures reveal

The Independent  5 September 2019

New report reveals number of deaths in South Yorkshire after 'police contact'

The Star 5 September 2019

Number of people to die in police car crashes hits highest in a decade at 42 with three-quarters from high-speed chases, force watchdog report shows

Mail Online  5 September 2019

Number of road deaths involving police vehicles at 13-year high

The Guardian 5 September 2019

Two in five prisoners who died in segregation in England and Wales known to be at risk

The Guardian 3 September 2019

‘My daughter would be alive today if only she’d received the right care’

Yvonne Roberts, The Observer 25 August 2019

Violence and drug use fall in £10m jail pilot scheme

Henry Vaughan, The Metro  23 August 2019

Rory Stewart’s prison reforms cut drug use and assaults

The Times 22 August 2019

Deaths on the rise in 10 of toughest prisons in England and Wales

The Guardian  22 August 2019

Sophie Bennett death: Clinician faces jail for 'withholding evidence'

BBC News 16 August 2019

‘Why did my girlfriend’s killer’s family get legal aid when we didn’t?’ Boyfriend of London Bridge hero nurse demands help for terror victims’ relatives

Lizzie Dearden, The Independent  3 August 2019

Families of Manchester terror victims ‘must declare valuables’ to get legal aid

Jamie Doward, The Observer 3 August 2019

Legal aid system in crisis (interview with the family of Natasha Abrahart)

Channel 5 News 30 July 2019

Legal aid system in crisis, 70 years since launch – campaigners

ITV Report 30 July 2019

Government ‘ignoring’ calls for legal aid funding at inquests

Flora Thompson, Morning Star 29 July 2019

Fight for fresh inquest into 'suicide' of mental health patient in Rotherham who had abortion following sex with nurse

ITV report 26 July

Assault and self-harm hit record levels in jails in England and Wales

Haroon Siddique, The Guardian 25 July 2019

Mental health support failings fuel rise in self-harm and suicide in custody, say experts

May Bulman, The Independent 25 July 2019

Family of Nuno Cardoso say inquest decision 'did not match evidence' given by police

Marc Evans, Oxford Mail 20 July 2019

‘The greatest celebration we can make of legal aid is to commit to it’

Will Bordell, The Justice Gap 19 July 2019

Grieving mum demands automatic legal aid for inquest families

ITV report 13 July 2019

Police must face legal action for Anthony Grainger's death, says partner

Nazia Parveen, Guardian 12 July 2019

Mum's devastation as Leeds teenager died after 'inhuman and degrading treatment' in prison

Yorkshire Evening Post, Georgina Morris 10 July 2019

Sharp rise in prison self-harm and suicide sees chief inspector demand independent inquiry

May Bulman, Independent 9 July 2019

Prisoner's family learn of his death from other inmates using illicit mobile phone

May Bulman, Independent 4 July 2019

Man died of heatstroke in London court cell after 'serious failings'

Aamna Mohdin, Guardian 2 July 2019

Rafal Sochacki death: Excessive cell heat caused heart stress

Danny Shaw, BBC 2 July 2019

Proof magazine: 'Every four days someone takes their own life in prison'

Rebecca Roberts, Proof magazine 28 June 2019

Bristol's mental health service spend almost £200k a year representing itself at inquests

Bronwen Weatherby, Bristol Live 26 June 2019

Darren Cumberbatch Death: Warwickshire Police restraint contributed to death

Heart Radio 26 June 2019

HMP Birmingham 'failures' blamed for prisoner's suicide death

Charlotte Paxton, Birmingham Live 21 June 2019

Grenfell two years on - the public inquiry into a preventable disaster

Remy Mohamed, The Law Society 20 June 2019
'Domestic extremism' is no way to describe peaceful protest Letters, Guardian 17 June 2019

Grenfell victims put their trust in the public inquiry. That trust is being betrayed

Deborah Coles, Guardian 14 June 2019

Investigation finds 'numerous serious failures' in the care of Linden Centre inpatients

Paige Ingram, Essex Live 13 June 2019

Grenfell survivors and relatives sue three firms in the US they hold responsible for deadly blaze

ITV report 11 June 2019

Edson Da Costa: Young father restrained by police died by 'misadventure' after putting drugs in mouth, inquest finds

Lizzie Dearden, Independent 7 June 2019

Family calls for end to 'inhumane' policy as another man dies in detention centre 

Aaron Walawalkar, Rights Info 6 June 2019

Woman told to pay towards inquest into daughter's death in care

Owen Bowcott, Guardian 24 May 2019

Coroner writes to health secretary over mental health care

Steven Morris, Guardian 23 May 2019

My sister died in prison three years ago, and I'm still fighting to find out why

Rachel Hammerton, Metro 21 May 2019

A woman died in prison six years beyond the sentence for her crime. Now her family have to crowdfund to prepare for her inquest

Emily Dugan, Buzzfeed 21 May 2019

Campaigner who lost six family members at Grenfell demands to know why inquiry findings are delayed

Julia Gregory, MyLondon 20 May 2019

Anger as Grenfell inquiry delays report by months

Will Humphries, The Times 18 May 2019

Fury as first Grenfell Tower inquiry report delayed until October

Sara Nelson, Huffington Post 17 May 2019

MPs tell Gauke to revisit legal aid for inquests

Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette  16 May 2019

Priory health group 'put profits above safety' in teenager's death

Mark Townsend, Guardian 11 May 2019

Grenfell families have urged the government to ‘listen to their voices’ in a new report published by INQUEST

London Live 8 May 2019

Safety last! Deaths and self-harm in prison

Joe Sim, Centre for the study of crime, criminalisation and social exclusion 5 May 2019

Now or never! Legal aid for inquests

Rebecca Roberts, Legal Action Group 23 April 2019

Children's prisons inflict unspeakable damage on inmates. Close them now. 

Eric Allison and Simon Hattenstone, Guardian 23 April 2019

Family of transgender 14-year-old who killed herself in The Priory tell how they want her to be remembered as a boy and were helping her transition before tragedy

Harriet Johnston, Mail Online 21 April 2019

Mum's plea for tragic daughter to be remembered as a boy after taking own life

Helen Whitehouse, Mirror 21 April 2019

Mentally ill prisoners face moths-long waits for hospital transfer

Aamna Mohdin and Pamela Duncan, Guardian 21 April 2019

Family dismayed at judge's finding over death of man in custody (Thomas Orchard)

Steven Morris, Guardian 18 April 2019

Priory group fined £300,000 over 14-year-old's death

Mark Gould, Onmedica 18 April 2019

£300,000 fine for The Priory after teenage patient's death

Press Association, Daily Mail 17 April 2019

The Priory fined £300,000 after death of a girl, 14, in its care (Amy El-Keria)

Joe Riddle, The Argus 17 April 2019

Private mental health group The Priory fined £300,000 over death of 14-year-old girl (Amy El-Keria)

National Health Executive 17 April 2019

Hospital group fined £300,000 after teenager died in its care (Amy El-Keria)

Alison Moore, Health Service Journal 17 April 2019

Priory fined £300,000 over death of girl, 14, who died in their care (Amy El-Keria)

Georgia Diebelius, Metro 17 April 2019

Why campaigners are 'extremely concerned' by these deaths of people under probation supervision in West Yorkshire

Georgina Morris, Yorkshire Evening Post 16 April 2019

Number of people dying after leaving prison leaps in 4 years since private companies took over probation roles

Tom Mack, Leicestershire Live 15 April 2019

Rise in deaths of offenders on probation since reforms

Vicky Gayle, BBC  15 April 2019

More and more offenders are dying when they leave prison - with 'self-inflicted' deaths on the rise

Mike Brown, Teesside Live 15 April 2019

News focus: Inquests show that not all are equal in death

Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette 15 April 2019

Probation is not working

The Northern Echo 15 April 2019

Sodexo chief says he cannot 'be responsible for someones life on probation'

Vicky Gayle, Gazette News 15 April 2019

Families at terror court denied aid as state spends £1/2m

Katie Gibbons, Jonathan Ames, The Times 11 April 2019

Revealed: MoJ spends £4.2m on its own representation at inquests

Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette 11 April 2019

MPs address 'gaping hole' in legal aid for families of victims who die in state custody

Jenn Selby, Rights Info 10 April 2019

Spending on jail staff legal fees 46-times mire than for bereaved 

Owen Bowcott, Guardian 10 April 2019

Neglect contributed to death after restraint by police, inquest finds

Vikram Dodd, Guardian 9 April 2019

Annabella Landsberg died after being left on a cell floor for 21 hours

Joe Riddle, The Argus 6 April 2019

Failing healthcare in jails is killing female prisoners

Deborah Coles, Guardian 5 April 2019

Diabetic prisoner who died after being left on floor for 21 hours told she was 'faking illness'

Sam Blewett and Fiona Leishman, Cambridgeshire Live 5 April 2019

Mum who died when prison staff thought she was 'play-acting' her illness

Richard Hartley-Parkinson, Metro 5 April 2019

Diabetic inmate was failed by prison staff, inquest concludes

Poppy Noor, Guardian 4 April 2019

BBC Wales Live interview with parents of Claire Greaves

BBC Wales Live 2 April 2019

Death of autistic woman hit by lorry was avoidable, rules inquest

Jonathan Ames, The Times 22 March 2019

Update: Molly Russell family granted legal aid for inquests on appeal

Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Sociey 12 March 2019

Family say verdict in epileptic man's death is 'damning assessment of police' (Duncan Tomlin)

Press Association, Daily Mail 9 March 2019

Mental health patient who overdosed should have been kept in West London hospital

Calum Rutter, MyLondon 8 March 2019

Another broken promise on Grenfell puts the lives of survivors on hold

Seraphima Kennedy, Guardian 7 March 2019

What next for justice?

Oliver Carter, OpenDemocracy 7 March 2019

No funding, no justice: Legal aid at inquests

Deborah Coles, OpenDemocracy 1 March 2019

'We refuse to be silenced': MoJ urged to reconsider legal aid for inquests

Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette 27 February 2019

Labour promises automatic legal aid for state-related deaths

Owen Bowcott, guardian 27 February 2019

Family face £70,000 bill for legal representation at daughter's inquest

Tristan Cork, Bristol Post 26 February 2019

Grenfell inquiry cost to taxpayers nears £10m, FoI request reveals

Robert Booth, Guardian 26 February 2019

Family of student who took her own life 'left with horrendous £70k bill' for inquest

Laura Forsyth and Joe Smith, Mirror  26 February 2019

Inquest finds neglect contributed to Sophie Bennett's death

Putney SW 8 February 2019

Final Report: Government review of legal aid for inquests

Matthew Hill, UK Human Rights Blog 8 February 2019
Fury over MoJ 'betrayal' on legal aid at inquests Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette 8 February 2019

Ministers' £6.5m for legal aid a drop in the ocean, say lawyers

Owen Bowcott and Amelia Hill, Guardian 7 February 2019

Key witnesses to detainee death to be deported before they can testify as Home Office accused of 'obscuring access to justice'

May Bulman, Guardian 5 February 2019

'Disturbing'levels of prison deaths, self harm and assaults are a 'national scandal'

Rahul Verma, Rights Info 4 February 2019

Surge in prison deaths a national scandal, say campaigners

Jamie Grierson, Guardian 31 January 2019

Inquest jury finds Meirion James died of asphyxiation following police restraint

Tony Thompson, Police Professional 25 January 2019

Police restraint caused or contributed to death of teacher - inquest

Steven Morris, Guardian 24 January 2019

A students death: did her university do enough to help Natasha Abrahart?

Liz Lightfoot, Guardian 22 January 2019

Priory group pleads guilty to health and safety charges on death of 14 year old

Ekklesia 14 January 2019

Fatal police shooting of unarmed British man sparks criticism from officers

Mattha Bushby, Vice 14 January 2019

Police under escalating pressure over death of tragic student Scott Calder

Peter Swindon, The Sunday Post 13 January 2019

Priory Group faces unlimited fine after NHS patient's death

Alison Moore, HSJ 10 January 2019

Priory hospital group admits its role in death of Amy El-Keria, 14 

Katie Gibbons, The Times 9 January 2019

The Priory faces multimillion-pound fine after death of girl in its care

Caroline Davies, the Guardian 9 January 2019

Inquest into police custody death of Crymych man starts on Monday(Meirion James)

Bruce Sinclair, Western Telegraph 4 January 2019


'Gentle' Croydon woman took her own life after escaping from South London Hospital (Catherine Horton)

Sam Truelove, My London 22 December 2018

Police watchdog admits investigations must 'speed up'

Alice Evans, BBC News 21 December 2018

Home Office accused of 'denial and obfuscation' after deleting records on death of immigration detainee (Michal Netyks)

May Bulman, The Independent 20 December 2018

Home Office criticised for deleting records on death of detainee (Michal Netyks)

Diane Taylor, The Guardian 20 December 2018

Sheldon Woodford died at HMP Winchester after he was jailed for robbery

Jane Reader, Daily Echo 18 December 2018

BBC documentary claims new evidence on death of Sheku Bayoh

Allan Crow, Fife Today 17 December 2018

Dead in police custody (BBC documentary, Sheku Bayoh)

Mark Daly and Calum McKay, BBC Disclosure 17 December 2018

Sheku Bayoh: Fresh questions over death in police custody

Mark Daly and Calum McKay, BBC 17 December 2018

'Lack of training' at Bradgate Mental Health unit led to death of 20-year-old woman (Amanda Briley)

Maia Snow, Leicestershire Live 17 December 2018

Calls for help went ignored as Bronzefield prisoner suffered cardiac arrest in cell, inquest rules (Natasha Chin)

Alexander Brock, Surrey Live 14 December 2018

Eighteen months after the Grenfell Tower fire, lives are still at risk

Seraphima Kennedy, the Guardian 14 December 2018

Police use force disproportionately against black people in England and Wales, figures suggest

Lizzie Dearden, The Independet 14 December 2018

Black people 'more likely to have force used against them by police'

Press Association, Daily Mail 13 December 2018

Women's death in Surrey due to neglect, inquest rules (Natasha Chin)

Eric Allison, The Guardian 13 December 2018

Mother's death at NHS mental health unit was third in 15 months, sparking calls for reform (Emma Butler)

Alex Matthews-King, Independent 12 December 2018

Met police use Tasers and restraints more often against black people

Poppy Noor, the Guardian 5 December 2018

Woman kills herself after being goaded by other prisoners to take her own life (Jess Whitchurch)

Michael Yong, Bristol Post 20 November 2018

Inmate who died after bullying was let down by prison, inquest finds (Jess Whitchurch)

Steven Morris, the Guardian 20 November 2018

Woman who died in prison was left alone in cell after being found with ligatures around her neck, inquest finds (Jess Whitchurch)

May Bulman, Independent 20 November 2018

Prisoner, 31, took life two hours following first suicide attempt after she suffered 'deeply inadequate' level of care (Jess Whitchurch)

Jasmine Andersson, the i 20 November 2018

Suicides in young offenders institutions prompt call for action

Karin Goodwin, The National 18 November 2018
La Vanguardia 15 November 2018
Letters, the Guardian 8 November 2018
Maya Oppenheim, the Independent 7 November 2018
Steven Morris, the Guardian 7 November 2018
Shropshire Star 7 November 2018
Scott Hesketh, Daily Star 4 November 2018
Inside Time 2 November 2018
Letters, the Guardian 1 November 2018
Ekklesia 31 October 2018
Ekklesia 30 October 2018
Vikram Dodd, the Guardian 30 October 2018
Sputnik News 25 October 2018
Martyn Mclaughlin, Scotsman 25 October 2018
Jamie Grierson, the Guardian 25 October 2018
BBC 16 October 2018
INQUEST and families, Guardian letters  12 October 2018
Steven Morris, the Guardian 11 October 2018
Owen Bowcott, the Guardian 9 October 2018
May Bulmam, the Independent 9 October 2018
ITV Report 9 October 2018
Sarah Marsh and Haroon Siddique, the Guardian 8 October 2018
Yahoo News UK 7 October 2018
Peter Stubley, the Independent 6 October 2018
Shropshire Star 3 October 2018
Aamna Mohdin, Guardian 20 September 2018
Joe Sim (INQUEST trustee) and David Scott, Guardian letters 19 September 2018
Seraphima Kennedy, Guardian 14 September 2018
Kevin Rawlinson, Guardian 12 September 2018
May Bulman, Independent 11 September 2018
Owen Bowcott, Guardian 10 September 2018
Remy Mohamed (INQUEST), Huffington Post 7 September 2018
May Bulman, Independent 8 September 2018
Craig McDonald, Daily Record 2 September 2018
Inside Time 31 August 2018
Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette 24 August 2018
Vikram Dodd, Guardian 21 August 2018
Letter by Deborah Coles, Joe Sim, Steve Tombs, in the Guardian 19 August 2018
Sarah Marsh, Guardian 15 August 2018

Rashan Charles: Police officer who arrested man before death in custody 'failed to perform role satisfactorily'

May Bulman, Independent   15 August 2018
Vikram Dodd, Guardian 14 August 2018
Denis Campbell, Guardian 14 August 2018

Police van crash death family 'let down' by investigation (Suleyman Yalcin)

BBC News, George Greenwood & Thomas Magill 13 August 2018

Family of man who died after being restrained in a police van express their disappointment after panel clears the officers who tied him up to detain him of gross misconduct

Daily Mail, Press Association 3 August 2018

Family 'very disappointed' after panel clears police of misconduct over death (Duncan Tomlin)

ITV Report 3 August 2018

Police officers who restrained epileptic man before he died will keep jobs after they are cleared of gross misconduct (Duncan Tomlin)

Lizzie Dearden, the Independent 4 August 2018

If we don’t hold police responsible for deaths in their custody, how can we make sure they’re not repeated?

Lucy McKay (INQUEST), Metro 27 July 2018

Violence, drugs, suicide... reality of our ‘terrible’ jails

John Twomey, Daily Express 27 July 2018

Rise in prison assaults, self-harm and drug seizures signals crisis

Jamie Grierson, the Guardian 26 July 2018

Police custody deaths hit highest level for 10 years: Concern for ministers as three die in their cell while nine are taken ill during their arrest

Ian Drury, Daily Mail 26 July 2018
Ollie Cole, Rights Info 26 July 2018
The Week 26 July 2018
May Bulman, Independent  25 July 2018
Clare Sambrook, Open Democracy 25 July 2018
Vikram Dodd, Guardian 25 July 2018

Woman killed herself after series of NHS trust errors, jury finds (Sophie Payne)

Denis Campbell, Guardian 25 July 2018
May Bulman, Independent 21 July 2018
May Bulman, Independent 19 July 2018
Owen Bowcott, Guardian 19 July 2018
The Times 19 July 2018
Diane Taylor, Guardian 17 July 2018
May Bulman, Independent 11 July 2018
Michael Taylor, Somerset Live 5 July 2018
Diane Taylor, Guardian 5 July 2018
Inquest into killing of London academic gets under way  Caroline Davies, Guardian 2 July 2018
Charity calls for closure of HMP Nottingham Inside Time 29 June 2018
Clare Sambrook and Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi 23 June 2018
Letter, Guardian 22 June 2018
Inquest jury says death of Rashan Charles was an accident Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Open Democracy 20 June 2018
Rashan Chales's death after police chase was accident, jury finds Diane Taylor, Guardian 20 June 2018
Anger after Rashan Charles inquest verdict Sadie Robinson, Socialist Worker 20 June 2018
HMP Woodhill hit by 'damning' new report on response to record number of suicides Peter Stubley, Independent 18 June 2018
Rashan Charles: 'Upsetting' CCTV footage shown at inquest Alannah Francis, The Voice 4 June 2018
Jeremy Hunt told shortage of suitable housing puts people with Asperger's at risk Steven Morris, The Guardian 3 June 2018
The Guardian view on the Grenfell Inquiry: cultural change and procedural model Editorial, The Guardian 31 May 2018
Peter Dawson, Inside Time 31 May 2018
Jamie Grierson, The Guardian 31 May 2018
Owen Bowcott, The Guardian 30 May 2018
Ian Jack, The Guardian 26 May 2018
Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian 25 May 2018
Hardeep Matharu, Byline 25 May 2018
Alex Ballinger, Bristol Live 23 May 2018
Deborah Coles, Open Democracy 23 May 2018
Deborah Coles, Huffington Post 22 May 2018
Laura Drysdale, Yorkshire Post 21 May 2018
Alistair Farrow, Socialist Worker 20 May 2018
Alannah Francis, The Voice 18 May 2018
Lizzie Dearden, Independent 17 May 2018
Simon Israel, Channel 4 News 16 May 2018
Pippa Crerar, Guardian 16 May 2018
Matt Jarram, Nottingham Post 16 May 2018
May Bulman, Independent 16 May 2018
Ian Drury, Daily Mail 16 May 2018
Joe Dempsey, Surrey Comet 15 May 2018
Chris York and Kathryn Snowdon, Huffington Post 14 May 2018
Seraphima Kennedy, Guardian 11 May 2018
Damien Gayle, Guardian 11 May 2018
Frances Perraudin, Guardian 11 May 2018
Jenny Johnson, BBC 11 May 2018
Paul Gallagher, iNews 8 May 2018
Haroon Siddique, Guardian 8 May 2018
Alasdair Clark, Common Space 3 May 2018
Moya Crockett, Stylist 2 May 2018
Rajeev Syal, Guardian 2 May 2018
Women's Hour, Radio 4 2 May 2018
May Bulman, Guardian 2 May 2018
Government going backwards over women in jail, says Labour peer Amelia Hill, Guardian 2 May 2018
Craig McDonald, Daily Record 29 April 2018
Daily Mail 28 April 2018
Socialist Worker 28 April 2018
Damien Gayle, Guardian 27 April 2018
Damien Gayle, Guardian 27 April 2018
Lizzie Dearden, Independent 24 April 2018
BBC 24 April 2018
Steven Morris, Guardian 24 April 2018
Jimmy Nsubuga, Metro 24 April 2018
Sky News 24 April 2018
Paul Gallagher, the i 24 April 2018
Rom Preston-Ellis, Cornwall Live 24 April 2018
Paul Gallagher, the i 

23 April 2018
Steven Morris, Guardian 20 April 2018
Sentinel Reporter, Stoke on Trent Live 18 April 2018
Steven Morris, Guardian 16 April 2018
Damien Gayle, Guardian 13 April 2018
Serena Lander, Police Professional   13 April 2018
Paul Gallagher, the i 9 April 2018
the Telegraph 6 April 2018
Steven Morris, Guardian 6 April2018
Neil Shaw, Devon Live 6 April 2018
May Bulman, Independent 28 March 2018
Lewisham custody death man 'beloved role model' BBC 28 March 2018
Emily Walker, The Argus 27 March 2018
May Bulman, Independent 22 March 2018
Letter, Guardian 15 March 2018
Jon Robins, Justice Gap March 2018
Letter, Guardian 11 March 2018
Britain's Squalid Prisons - Who's to Blame? - File on 4 Reporter Danny Shaw, BBC Radio 4 March 2018
Former Inmates Reveal ‘Deeply Harmful’ Impact Of Holloway Prison Closure Steven Hopkins, Huffington Post 6 March 2018
Carillion prison staff had no mandatory suicide prevention training Charlotte Hughes, Justice Gap 4 March 2018
Police have “evaded responsibility” for my surveillance says campaigner York Press 1 March 2018
Oxford academic who lost her 18-year-old son while he was under NHS care shared tragic fight for justice Legal Cheek, Katie King 27 February 2018
'Police spied on bereaved sister' of Christopher Alder Alistair Farrow, Socialist Worker 27 February 2018
Suicide of teenage inmate arrested for stealing sweets is warning of 'broken' prison system, campaigners say (Osvaldas Pagirys inquest) Lizzie Dearden, Independent 21 February 2018
Lawyer's plea for urgent review into prisoner safety after death of inmate at New Hall Prison, Flockton Andrew Hirst, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner 19 February 2018
Six police officers to face misconduct proceedings over death of church caretaker who suffered heart attack after they held him down, handcuffed him and placed a BELT across his face (Thomas Orchard) Charlie Baylissm, Daily Mail 15 February 2018
Police officers will not be prosecuted over death of man 'restrained during epileptic seizure' Lizzie Dearden, Independent 14 February 2018
Duncan Tomlin arrest: Restraint death plea fails again BBC 14 February 2018
Father 'bitterly disappointed' officers will not be prosecuted over son's death Daily Mail, Press Association 14 February 2018
Prisoner dies at HMP Nottingham three weeks after watchdog makes stark warning that 'lives are at risk' in jail May Bulman, Independent  8 February 2018
Woman, 21, jailed after setting fire to herself killed herself behind bars because prison staff 'failed to monitor her Andrew Robinson & Oliver Milne, Mirror 2 February 2018
Rashan Charles family vow to fight on after Met officer faces no charges over his death Wei Bai, East London Lines 2 February 2018
Woman jailed for arson 'killed herself after staff failed to monitor her' (Emily Harley inquest) Frances Perraudin and Eric Allison, the Guardian 1 February 2018

Coroner says women’s prison safety hasn’t improved in a decade (Emily Harley inquest)

Simon Israel, Channel 4 news

1 February 2018

Prison staff failings contributed to death of 21-year-old woman who took her own life behind bars (Emily Harley inquest)

May Bulman, the Independent 1 February 2018

Lack of professionalism at Wakefield’s New Hall prison was a factor in death of inmate from Leeds (Emily Harley inquest)

Yorkshire Evening Post

1 February 2018

Disciplinary action taken against New Hall Prison staff over death of mentally ill woman (Emily Harley inquest)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner

1 February 2018

Catalogue of failures contributed to death of Leeds woman at HMP New Hall (Emily Harley inquest)

Leeds Live 1 February 2018

The inspector calls

Inside Time 30 January 2018

Violence and self-injury in prisons hit highest levels on record, figures show

May Bulman, Independent 25 January 2018

Prison service must be held to account

Deborah Coles, Joe Sim and Steve Tombs 23 January 2018

Rashan Charles: Police officer to face no charges over death of black man following arrest, CPS announces

May Bulman, Independent 22 January 2018

Rashan Charles: Met officer not facing charges

The Voice 22 January 2018

Charity claims HMP Nottingham is failing to reform offenders after damning report

Matt Jarram, Nottingham Post 20 January 2018

HMP Liverpool - Prison ‘fundamentally unsafe’

Channel 4 news interview, Simon Israel 18 January 2018

Woman jailed for setting bed of fire 'killed herself in prison'

Frances Perraudin and Michael Rose, the Guardian 15 January 2018

IPCC concerned about rise in minority ethnic deaths following police restraint

Vikram Dodd, the Guardian 7 January 2018

Cut public inquests, urges chief coroner

Frances Gibb, The Times 1 January 2018
Our brutalising and degrading prisons Letter  26 December 2017
‘This will happen again’: Warning over state of prisons from family of brutal spice killing victim Lizzie Dearden, Independent  29 December 2017
Staff shortages at HMP Woodhill put inmates' lives at risk – report Eric Allison, Guardian 28 December 2017
Nuno Cardoso: Police investigate death of black law student who was restrained in van Lizzie Dearden, the Independent   20 December 2017
As a prison psychiatrist, I know suicide rates on the inside don't need to be that high Huw Stone, iNews 13 December 2017
Ombudsman called in after death of 12th immigration detainee Diane Taylor, Guardian 13 December 2017
Record high levels of prisoner self-harm a 'damning indictment' of failures in mental health provision in jails May Bulman, Independent 13 December 2017
The Guardian view on the Grenfell inquiry: hear the victims voices Editorial, Guardian 10 December 2017
Six months on, Grenfell Tower fire survivors are left demanding answers Dulcie Lee, Observer 9 December 2017
Grenfell victims' families 'should be placed at heart of inquiry' Owen Bowcott and Amelia Gentleman, Guardian 9 December 2017
Police won't face charges over Sean Riggs deaths Socialist Worker 8 December 2017
Officers Involved In Sean Rigg's Death Will Not Be Charged The Voice 7 December 2017
Sean Rigg's family say decision not to charge police is shameful Owen Bowcott, Guardian 6 December 2017
Family's at inquests should get funding if police do, says chief coroner  Owen Bowcott, Guardian 4 December 2017
‘Hillsborough Law’ – a welcome call to rebalance the law in favour of bereaved families Ali Cloak, Clinical Negligence Team 4 December 2017
‘Marcin was crying, begging for help’: crisis of EU migrants detained in the UK Mark Townsend, the Observer 3 December 2017
Twitter poll backs use of spit hoods by Durham Police Josh Halliday 9 November 2017
Hillsborough families say new report could 'mean Grenfell families will never have to go through what we did' Paul Byrne and Eleanor Barlow, Mirror 2 November 2017
Hillsborough could help victims of Grenfell Tower get justice as report on the tragedy paves the way for bereaved families to get legal aid at inquests Paddy Dinham, Daily Mail 1 November 2017
Official review backs 'Hillsborough law' proposals David Conn, Guardian 1 November 2017
Family of man killed after police pursuit barred from hearing Diane Taylor, Guardian 17 October 2017
Family barred from police misconduct hearing Simon Israel, Channel 4 news 17 October 2017
Sister of a UK man who died in custody hits out over mental health services Jamie Grierson, Guardian 11 October 2017
Kingsley Burrell Trial - Custody death officers cleared of lying Midlands Today 5 October 2017
BBC Inside Out West BBC Inside Out West 3 October 2017
BBC Radio Bristol on deaths in HMP Bristol Rachel Stonehouse, BBC Radio Bristol 3 October 2017
Police officers should not use physical restraint on people with mental health problems, says watchdog May Bulman, Independent 21 September 2017
IPCC: police has series of chances to help man who died after arrest Steven Morris, Guardian 21 September 2017
Police watchdog calls for Met officer in custody death inquiry to be suspended Mark Townsend, Guardian 19 September 2017
Government under fire as prison suicides soar following cuts Lizzy Buchan, Independent 11 September 2017
Vulnerable people are still at risk, says father of man who died in custody Steven Morris, Guardian 7 September 2017
Blame the Home Office if another black person dies in police custody Stafford Scott, Guardian 6 September 2017
Deaths in police custody ‘could have been avoided’ Dr Faye Kirkland, BBC 5 September 2017
Family Of Dalian Atkinson’s Statement One Year On The Voice 16 August 2017
‘We’re still reeling from our loss’ - Dalian Atkinson’s family speak of agony one year on from Taser death Sophie Madden, Shropshire Star 16 August 2017
Fatal police shootings hit 12-year high in England and Wales, reveals IPCC report May Bulman, Independent  26 July 2017
Number of deaths from police road chases and shootings soars Kevin Rawlinson, Guardian 25 July 2017
Neglect contributed to Liverpool prisoner's death a jury finds Eric Allison, Guardian 16 July 2017
Women with poor mental health are being imprisoned unnecessarily. Some never make it out Heather Saul, iNews 10 July 2017
Survivor tell Grenfell inquiry chair the remit is too narrow Owen Bowcott, Amelia Gentleman and Matthew Weaver, Guardian 30 June 2017
Youth jail prisoners able to watch sexually-explicit TV content, report finds Simon Garner, Metro 14 June 2017
‘Chilling’ Lobbying Act stifles democracy, write charities to party chiefs Fiona Harvey and Anushka Asthana 6 June 2017
Prison officer risks endangering lives of inmates, says coroner Eric Allison, Guardian 30 May 2017
Serious failings’ by prison staff led to suicide of ‘deeply caring’ mother, jury finds May Bulman, Independent 30 May 2017
Families of men who killed themselves at Woodhill jail lose high court case Damien Gayle, Guardian 24 May 2017
Suicide jail failed to improve, says doctor BBC Online 22 May 2017
HMP Woodhill Radio 4 interview with Deborah Coles and Jamie Dunkley BBC Radio 4 22 May 2017
Parents of Olaseni Lewis who died after restraint at Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham demand change Croydon Guardian 15 May 2017
‘Damning’ failures by police and hospital staff led to death of South Norwood graduate, jury finds Tom Matthews, Croydon Advertiser 10 May 2017
Olaseni Lewis: police and mental health staff contributed to young IT graduate’s death Paul Gallagher, iNews 10 May 2017
Olaseni Lewis: ‘death partly due to restraint by police’ Simon Israel, Channel 4 News 9 May 2017
Olaseni Lewis: ‘Excessive force’ by officers led to death BBC News 9 May 2017
Olaseni Lewis death: Inquest condemns medics and police Ronke Phillips, ITV News 9 May 2017
Mother of man who died after police restraint calls for prosecution Damien Gayle and Vikram Dodd, The Guardian 9 May 2017
Olaseni Lewis inquest: Met Police to investigate officers who held down student after damning verdict Jonathan Mitchell, Evening Standard 9 May 2017
Self-inflicted deaths among female prisoner Paul Sullivan, Inside Time 3 May 2017
Inquest jury finds “unlawful use of force” led to death of HMP Manchester remand prisoner Inside Time 3 May 2017
Northampton prisoner who hanged himself was not checked on for nearly two hours, jury finds Alastair Ulke , Northhampton Chronicle & Echo 3 May 2017
Mother of anorexic girl killed by train criticises care failings after inquest Frances Perraudin, Guardian 3 May 2017
Priory’s care plan for anorexic teen Pippa McManus ‘inadequate’ BBC Manchester, BBC 3 May 2017
Doctors sent our girl home to die Liz Hull, Daily Mail 3 May 2017
Call for inquiry over ‘unbroken pattern’ of deaths at prison Eric Allison, Guardian 2 May 2017
BBC Look North story on spit hoods trial in Humberside (from 02.35) BBC Look North 27 April 2017
Widow of academic killed in London denied legal aid for inquest Caroline Davies, Guardian 25 April 2017
Neglect contributed to Winchester prisoner’s death BBC 10 April 2017
Ministry of Justice accepts failings in care after inquest held into death of HMP Leeds prisoner Georgina Morris, Yorkshire Evening Post 10 April 2017
Two firms face charges over death of man in UK detention centre Guardian, Vikram Dodd 5 April 2017
Prison officers acted unlawfully in restraining inmate who later died Eric Alison, Guardian 31 March 2017
Inmate dies after prison officers kept him in wrist locks as he ‘foamed at the mouth’, jury finds May Bulman, Independent  31 March 2017
Dying in prison: Two women’s stories Kirstie Brewer, Guardian 30 March 2017
Teenager kills himself in UK prison hours after receiving deportation letter May Bulman, Independent 30 March 2017
Teenager killed himself in prison after getting deportation letter Helen Pidd, Guardian 29 March 2017
Prisons watchdog condemns lack of action on rising female suicides Matthew Taylor, Guardian 28 March 2017
Mother of mentally vulnerable man who died after being bound and gagged by police asks: ‘How COULD they leave my son like this?’ Rebecca Hardy, Daily Mail 19 March 2017
Police detention officers cleared of killing man in custody Sean O'Neill, The Times 14 March 2017
Thomas Orchard death: police cleared of manslaughter Steven Morris, Guardian 14 March 2017
Family of web designer who died after arrest still waiting for answers Barney Davis, Evening Standard 10 March 2017
Delays over police hearing ‘hit grieving Henry Hicks family’, Islington Tribune Koos Couvee, Islington Tribune 6 March 2017
BBC3 Radio interview with Jack Portland’s mother and INQUEST BBC3 Counties Radio 7 February 2017
Jury sworn in for inquest into man’s death after police restraint Damien Gayle, Guardian 6 February 2017
Prison suicides in England and Wales reach record high Alan Travis, Guardian 27 January 2017
Death behind bars? Prison figures released, Channel 4 News Jackie Long, Channel 4 News 27 January 2017
Prison suicides rise to record levels, BBC News BBC News 26 January 2017
‘They took him away and they didn’t look after him – and now he’s gone’ Matthew Taylor, Guardian 26 January 2017
Ministry of Justice launches inquiry after record number of prison suicides in 2016 Guardian 25 January 2017
Britain’s prison suicide crisis: ‘There’s no political will. Dead prisoners do not win votes’ Guardian 24 January 2017
Campaigners condemn care of young people in mental health units after 11 die in four years Independent 24 January 2017
Man’s family need answers after HMP Chelmsford electrocution death Piers Meyler, Essex Live 10 January 2017
‘The prison system in England and Wales is in meltdown’ David Browne, Equal Times 5 January 2017