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INQUEST Newsletter: May 2020

Standing in solidarity with the family of George Floyd, over policed and under protected, COVID-19 deaths of frontline workers and more.

INQUEST Newsletter: April 2020

Including updates on INQUEST's work on COVID-19 and protecting people in places of detention, new regulations to allow for backdating of legal aid and inspiring family campaigns for justice.  

INQUEST Newsletter: March 2020

Including INQUEST's response to COVID-19, updates on cases in prison and immigration detention, and INQUEST Director Deborah Coles in New York. 

INQUEST Newsletter: February 2020

Including brief updates from February across our cases in prison, police custody, and mental healthcare, news on the inquests of the 39 Vietnamese migrants, the upcoming 'After Strangeways' conference and more.

INQUEST Newsletter: 31 January 2020

Including our new report, Deaths in prison: a national scandal, phase two of the Grenfell Tower inquiry and casework updates.

End of year newsletter: 20 December 2019

Featuring an end of year message from INQUEST Director Deborah Coles, a year in casework, updates on Hillsborough and volunteer with INQUEST!

INQUEST Newsletter: 21 November 2019

Featuring INQUEST's demands for parties ahead of the General Election, updates on the Grenfell inquiry, our work in Scotland and recent case updates on deaths in police contact, prison and mental health detention.

INQUEST Newsletter: 25 October 2019

Includes information on cases demonstrating the human cost of government policies, investigations into the deaths of men, women and a baby in prison, Grenfell Inquiry news and how to join INQUEST as a Senior Caseworker.

INQUEST NEWS: Important update on legal aid for inquests campaign: 4 October

Special edition on the new figures on the inequality of arms experienced by families at inquests and how to support the #LegalAidforInquests campaign.

INQUEST Newsletter: 18 September 2019

INQUEST research on the government's fundamentally flawed 10 prisons project, deaths in immigration detention and how to support the national memorial family fund.

INQUEST Newsletter: 15 August 2019

A mental health debate in parliament, updates on recent inquest conclusions, developments in the Legal Aid for Inquests campaign, and our response to new stats on deaths in prison.

INQUEST Newsletter: 17 July 2019

INQUEST is recruiting! Plus updates on the legal aid campaign, deaths in prison, and our ongoing work with families.  

INQUEST Newsletter: 1 June - 10 July 2019 (part 1)

Includes the two year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, and  updates on deaths in police custody, immigration detention, probation failings and more.

INQUEST Newsletter: 30 April - 29 May 2019

Featuring two new INQUEST reports: Family reflections on Grenfell and The Work and Impact of INQUEST between 2016-2018. Updates on the #LegalAidforInquests campaign, premature deaths of people with learning disabilities and autism and deaths of people in state detention.

INQUEST Newsletter: 14 March - 29 April 2019

Updates on the #LegalAidforInquests campaign, prosecution of the Priory, case updates on police, prison, immigration detention and care settings, as well as INQUEST's international work and more.

INQUEST Newsletter: 29 January - 14 March 2019

Updates on the launch of #LegalAidforInquests and how to support the campaign, multi-agency failings exposed and the ongoing fights for justice following deaths in police custody, immigration detention and prison.

INQUEST Newsletter: 22 December - 28 January 2019

Updates on the Grenfell Inquiry, family participation work, deaths in prison and police custody and a call for action on legal aid for inquests. Plus information about a vacancy at INQUEST and upcoming events. 

INQUEST End of Year Newsletter: 21 December 2018

Including family reference group celebrations, the growing call for legal aid at inquests, news on the Grenfell inquiry, policing, prisons, neglect in mental health settings and more. 

INQUEST Newsletter - 26 October - 3 December 2018

Including Royal Assent of Seni's law, failures in prison healthcare, ongoing work with global campaigns, deaths in immigration detention, and more.

INQUEST Newsletter - 1 to 25 October 2018

Featuring updates on the campaign for Legal Aid for inquests, family campaigns, scrutiny of police following deaths, toxic prisons, the treatment of people with learning disabilities, and more. 

INQUEST Newsletter - 30 September 2018

Featuring the United Families and Friends Campaign, updates on the Grenfell inquiry, Legal Aid for inquests, the latest news on our casework and policy work on deaths in prison, police custody, immigration detention, and more.

INQUEST Newsletter - 30 August 2018

Including INQUEST's Scotland visit, seeking Home Office accountability over Windrush death, the decade long fight for justice for Sean Rigg's family, upcoming events and our Radio 4 Appeal. 

INQUEST Newsletter - 1 August 2018

Discusses the rising number of deaths in police custody, the progress of Seni's Law, the impact of the Windrush scandal on people's physical and mental health and ongoing concerns about the deaths of women in secure mental health care.

INQUEST Newsletter - 5 July 2018

Including updates on INQUEST's work alongside bereaved families driving policy change, the one year anniversary of Grenfell, questioning police accountability, and the opportunity to volunteer with INQUEST.

INQUEST Newsletter - 4 June 2018

Updates on the Grenfell Inquiry, establishing international guidelines on the rights of those bereaved following migrant journeys, protecting the lives of people with learning disabilities, seeking accountability for deaths in police custody, and more.

INQUEST Newsletter - 11 May 2018

Updates on seeking justice for Grenfell, empowering families, scrutinising police (mis)conduct and uncovering preventable deaths in state care.

INQUEST Newsletter - March 2018

News on INQUEST's campaign for public funding for families at inquests, ongoing casework and policy updates, Grenfell inquiry updates, and more.

INQUEST Newsletter - January/February 2018

News on a succession of damning inquests, official reports and media coverage about unsafe systems of care and detention, and systemic institutional failures. Plus INQUEST's new strategic plan and other updates.

INQUEST End Of Year Newsletter - November/December 2017 Updates on the Grenfell Inquiry, the launch of the Hillsborough Law crowdfunder and a look at the inquest findings over the year.
INQUEST Special Edition Newsletter covering the week 30 October - 4 November 2017

Reflections on a momentous week, with the publication of the Independent review on deaths and serious incidents in police custody, passing through parliament of 'Seni's Law', publication of the Hillsborough review by Bishop John James and more. 
INQUEST Newsletter June/July 2017 Looking at the inquest of Sarah Reed, updates on recent deaths following police contact, the ongoing prison crisis, and more. 
INQUEST Newsletter May/June 2017
Includes our calls for a public inquiry for Grenfell Tower, developments on the HMP Woodhill judicial review and further evidence of a deteriorating prison system. 
INQUEST Newsletter April/May 2017 Covering our continued concerns over legal aid funding, the inquests of Olaseni Lewis, Pip McManus and Daniel Adele, and calls for a corporate manslaughter investigation into HMP Woodhill.
INQUEST Newsletter March/April 2017 Looking at the lessons to be learnt by the NHS following deaths in their care, the concerning trend of young prisoner deaths and updates on the Hillsborough Law.
INQUEST Newsletter February/March 2017 Discusses the 'not guilty' verdict of police officers in the case of Thomas Orchard, investigation delays, and INQUEST's submissions to the Bishops Review and the Inquiry on Mental Health and Deaths in Prison.
INQUEST Newsletter January/February 2017 Examines new safety in custody figures, the record levels of women's prison deaths and the inquiry into the fatal police shooting of Anthony Grainger.
INQUEST Newsletter August 2016 Including our submission to the Angiolini Review, concerns about the investigation of deaths in mental health settings, the recent family forum, and casework updates.
INQUEST Newsletter April 2016 Looking at the BBC Panorama documentary on child deaths in private mental health settings, conclusions of the Hillsborough inquest and the record number of self-inflicted deaths in prisons.
INQUEST Newsletter February 2016 Including institutional child abuse at Medway Secure Training Centre, a statistical analysis of INQUEST's casework, the death of Sarah Reed, and more.
INQUEST Newsletter October 2015 Discusses the publication of the Harris Review, obstacles to state accountability and the imprisonment of vulnerable women. 
INQUEST Newsletter June 2015 Covers the disproportionate number of BME deaths following police contact and our reports on deaths of young people in prison and people in mental health settings.
INQUEST Newsletter July/August 2014 Examines serious concerns about safety of prisoners, critical report of HMP Doncaster and a milestone for family of Azelle Rodney.
INQUEST Newsletter May/June 2014 Looking at our work on holding the police to account and developments in the inquests of Brian Dalrymple, Donna Carrigan, and more.
INQUEST Newsletter March/April 2014 Including the broadcast of 'Dead Behind Bars', a scathing inspection of Brinsford YOI and the rise in the number of self-inflicted deaths in prison.

INQUEST Newsletter January/February 2014

Discusses the review announced into the deaths of young people in prison, coroners' reports made public and the battle for legal aid funding for bereaved families.

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