With over 30 years of experience, INQUEST has a range of invaluable resources relating to our work, many of which are freely available on our website. 

  • INQUEST carries out comprehensive monitoring and collating of statistics relating to deaths in prison, in police custody and following police contact, and deaths of immigration detainees. 
  • INQUEST regularly contributes to public inquiries and consultations, and writes reports and briefings using our unique insight from decades of casework, monitoring and policy work. Many of our briefings and submissions are available for free download. 

  • INQUEST has published many books and publications reports and publications over the years. Many are available for free download or purchase. 

  • This research and monitoring informs our campaigns in various areas of our strategic plan

  • INQUEST regularly shares media releases on cases and policy responses.
  • INQUEST publishes the journal INQUEST Law with our lawyers group which is a vital resource for anyone working on the investigation of sudden deaths.

If you find our resources useful please consider donating to help support our ongoing work. 

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