The family voice is at the centre of everything we do at INQUEST, and a key part of our work is facilitating opportunities for families to speak about their experiences, to other families, to policy makers and to the media. Below is some feedback that families have given about us. You can also read more in depth about families experiences on the family blog or in some of our featured media articles. 

“We could not have got anywhere near this without your help, support and interest in our case. This little victory is for everyone who does not have the resources to face a fight when they have lost so much. And it is for you as well. You have always been our backbone. INQUEST was the first to really listen to our story and that is unforgettable.” 

Aldyth Smith, whose daughter Bethan Smith, 31, died when a voluntary inpatient at a mental health unit in Sussex in 2011

“INQUEST has stood at our side since we first contacted you after James died and over the years have offered practical and emotional support of the very highest quality. You are an exceptional organisation with very special people, who are led by wonderful humane values and who show how incredibly effective empathy can be when it is allied to commitment.”

- Tony Herbert, whose son James died in contact with Avon & Somerset police in 2010

"Your support and assistance in our struggle for truth and justice helped achieve a just verdict, not only for Roger but for the unsung victims, the families and friends of loved ones who have died in custody and for all our endeavours… We view your organisation, your work and dedication with respect and immense admiration. We hope that by working with you, other campaigns and with god’s blessing we can bring about meaningful change."

Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign

"INQUEST have been an amazing support. Thank goodness for them, their knowledge and expertise has helped myself and my family to start to get to the truth that we deserve. INQUEST helped to source both a solicitor and barrister to represent us at Inquest and to secure an Article 2 inquest which we would never have known existed." 

- Sister of man who died in contact with the police in 2016

“Thank you so much for your phone calls. You help me come to terms and fight for the injustice of [my son's] death. You help me more than you will ever know.” 

mother whose son died after being discharged from hospital

"We would like to thank INQUEST and our case worker for their help and support. INQUEST is a real lifeline for people who have lost loved ones and they have helped us practically and emotionally. They are worthy of much more funding than they receive to carry on their excellent work in increasing understanding in this area and in the way they support bereaved families." 

Family of a man who died in police custody

"No other organisation has worked so closely with bereaved families throughout the investigation and inquest process. INQUEST has a unique insight into the daily difficulties families face while striving to cope in the aftermath of a death in custody. The Skills and Support Toolkit can provide you with practical advice needed to continue and maintain your day to day life at a time when even the simplest of tasks can seem insurmountable, or help you develop the skills needed to mount a campaign." 

Mother of a child who died in prison

"Thank you for all the work you have done for us. I honestly thought that I could just turn up at the inquest and give my view. I never knew that the process was this complicated. Without people like you we wouldn’t get anywhere" 

- Father of a man who died in prison

"I would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported me through [my brother's] inquest. We could not have got the justice he deserves without the help of INQUEST and our amazingly brilliant legal team, my gratitude and heartfelt wishes to each and everyone of you." 

- Sister of a man who died in prison

"I feel much better for speaking to you and really appreciate your calling me. My day has improved and is much brighter now. You’re wonderful thank you so much. The handbook has been really helpful and I have learnt a lot from this." 

- Bereaved family member who used the INQUEST handbook 

"l cannot thank you all enough for the help and support you have given us over our terrible loss. If it wasn’t for INQUEST, we would not have been able to deal with the faults of the prison system, and try and make some changes. Once again thank you all and thank you for being there if ever l needed to speak to someone." 

-  Mother of a young man who died in prison

"We thought that we were going insane, couldn’t understand what was happening to us, what had happened to my son. INQUEST has supported, enabled, educated and empowered and restored our faith in justice. We were given back our voice." 

- Mother of a child who died in Young Offender Institution

"We were helped through our ordeal by a wonderful group of people whose kindness knows no bounds…We are grateful to all of the people at INQUEST for giving a voice to bereaved families and for your determination to oppose the wrong and fight for right."

Bereaved family member

"Thank you so very much for all of your help. You have been a glowing light in a very dark tunnel. Your support has been invaluable."

Bereaved family member

"At the time of the tragedy, I had no idea of what to do or who to turn to. By luck, I found yourselves and contacted you, the rest as we say is history. On behalf of [my brother's] family, friends and myself I would just like to thank you so much for your professional support and advice during that difficult period and without that help, I do not think we would be where we are today." 

- Brother of a man who died in police custody