For 40 years, INQUEST has stood with bereaved people with a simple mission: putting an end to state related deaths and the unjust social systems which enable them.

Every week, people continue to die preventable deaths in mental health settings, in immigration detention, following police contact or in prisons. For every death in state care, there are family and friends left behind to grieve and with many unanswered questions.

INQUEST supports and stands with hundreds of bereaved people to access truth, justice and accountability, and to contribute to systemic change.

All I can say is thank god for INQUEST. From day one when I reached out, you listened and believed me. From that moment, I was given a caseworker and you found me a solicitor. You've all been there for me and given us a voice. This was at a time when I had nothing else. I can’t thank you all enough.

Family of young man who died following police contact

At INQUEST, we see first-hand the impact the death of a loved one at the hands of the state has on families, friends and communities.

  • We provide specialist casework to families as they navigate the complex post-death legal processes and seek answers.
  • We connect families with expert lawyers to help fight their case and make sure they have the best chances of getting justice.
  • We bring bereaved families together so they have a space to grieve, remember their loved ones and find strength to continue.
  • We fight for changes to post-death legal processes to ensure the needs of families are centred and met.
  • And, we campaign tirelessly to hold the government and authorities accountable, ensure changes are made and lives are saved.

Families often tell us that what they want most is to make sure that no other family has to experience what they’ve gone through. That’s why we need your help.

We are facing funding challenges at a time when the demand for our work has never been greater and we witness the impact of austerity. INQUEST remains uncompromising, independent of government and dependent on donations from people like you. Your contribution, whatever the size, will help us continue our vital work.