I would just like to congratulate INQUEST on its latest edition of Inquest Law. It provides an excellent summary of up-to-date law, cases and issues, and is an invaluable tool for anyone who has anything to do with the coroner service of England and Wales (including myself). I look forward to the next edition.

- HH Judge Peter Thornton QC, Chief Coroner

Published three times a year, Inquest Law is a vital resource for anyone working on the investigation of sudden deaths. Inquest Law is distributed widely amongst lawyers, coroners, academics and policy makers. INQUEST is the only non-governmental organisation in England and Wales working specifically on contentious deaths and the inquest system and as such Inquest Law is a uniquely valuable publication.

Written by INQUEST Lawyers Group (ILG) members and invited contributors, it informs practitioners about recent legal developments relating to the inquest system and the investigation of sudden deaths, with extensive casenotes written by the leading lawyers in the field. The magazine also keeps practitioners informed of policy developments in related areas.

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