"As a family, we need and deserve the shining light of truth"

FAMILY BLOG: Tony, father of James Herbert, talks about the importance of learning from his sons death.Read more

INQUEST echoes recommendations from Committee for Prevention of Torture on UK detention

INQUEST BLOG: Report reflects some of the ongoing concerns of INQUEST on issues in UK places of detentionRead more

Publication of the Farmer review on strengthening prisoners’ family ties

INQUEST BLOG: The Farmer Review is published by the Ministry of Justice on The Importance of Strengthening Prisoners' Family Ties to Prevent Reoffending and Reduce Intergenerational CrimeRead more

‘Seni’s Law’ passes through parliament with unanimous support

INQUEST BLOG: The Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill is in honour of Seni LewisRead more

"Beth's family and friends lost the chance to say goodbye"

FAMILY BLOG: Aldyth, mother of Beth Smith, talks about the family's determination to find out the truth about her daughters death.Read more

First ever review on deaths in police custody supports key INQUEST recommendations and is an opportunity to save lives

INQUEST BLOG: The Angiolini Review offers the government a blueprint for change to urgently implement in the face of numerous recent concerning deathsRead more

New crowdfunder launched to help INQUEST challenge the state’s response to deaths and push for ‘Hillsborough Law’

Whilst public bodies use public money to defend themselves, many bereaved families are not entitled to that right. A new Crowdfunder working to implement Hillsborough Law attempts to change that.Read more