A message to families from our Family Participation Officer, Mo Mansfield.

We know that this is a time of uncertainty and stress for everyone. The INQUEST team has been reaching out to families to check in with them. We understand that for most the health, safety and wellbeing of your family and community are a priority, alongside the financial implications Covid-19 is having on people’s job securities. This time may be particularly hard and isolating for those who have experienced traumatic bereavement. 

Some families will be experiencing delays in proceedings due to the lockdown, others will have difficulty getting media or parliamentary attention for their campaigns. Others may be concerned about the welfare of those in the care of the state, or the implications associated with increasing police or other powers in the Covid-19 Bill. We will be making more use of our website to keep you informed of our work and we encourage you to share this information amongst your networks, and groups and particularly MP’s. 

Our planned activities in relation to Family Participation are being reviewed in light of Covid-19, and we are working on what our areas of priority should be during this pandemic and what kind of engagement and involvement you would like with the organisation. If you have capacity, time or interest in our family participation work, which has four pillars: Improving Family Experience of Processes; Family Involvement with INQUEST; Building Connection and Solidarity with Families; Wider systems Change, then get in touch at [email protected]

The most important thing right now however, is to take some time to adjust and make sure you are prioritising your health and wellbeing, following the guidance issued and are feeling as comfortable and secure as you can considering these unprecedented times.

Warmest wishes, 

Mo Mansfield,
Family Participation Officer