Daniel joined the Board of Trustees of INQUEST in 2007. He qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and is a partner and head of the civil litigation department at London law firm Hickman & Rose. He specialises in civil litigation on behalf of people who have suffered wrongs at the hands of the criminal justice system and has brought many successful claims against the Ministry of Justice, Home Office and police.

He has represented many families at inquests following contentious deaths and is a co-author of the Legal Action Group book ‘Inquests – A Practitioners Guide’ (2015, 3rd edition). He co-authors a regular inquest law update in Legal Action magazine. Daniel also works for victims of war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity, helping them seek prosecutions in the UK and elsewhere under the principle of universal criminal jurisdiction for such crimes. He is a trustee of Legal Action Worldwide, which helps gain access to justice for those who need it most in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Daniel was chair of the INQUEST board for ten years until February 2022.