25th September 2015

Before  HM Coroner for the County of Devon, Mr Ian Arrow
Venue: Plymouth Coroner’s Court, Derriford Business Park. Plymouth PL6 5QZ
Due to conclude on 2 October 2015

32 year old Andrew Pimlott suffered fatal injuries following deployment of a Taser by police officers.  On 18 April 2013 Andrew attended his parents’ address in contravention of a restraining order.  Andrew collected some possessions from his parents’ house and left without incident.  An hour or so later Andrew knocked on the window at his parents’ house and his father saw him outside the house holding a jerry can which he recognised from his garage.  Andrew’s father called the police and alerted them to the fact that Andrew was on the premises and that he was holding a jerry can.  Two officers from Devon & Cornwall Police Constabulary attended the scene. Whilst Andrew was holding the jerry can, one of the police officers deployed their Taser and Andrew was set alight.

The inquest is expected to consider the appropriateness of the use of Taser by the police officers, the standards of professional behaviour in relation to deployment of Tasers and, specifically, whether current training and guidance is appropriate in relation to situations where there is a risk of ignition. 

INQUEST has worked with Andrew’s family since the incident in April 2013.  The family is represented by Inquest Lawyers Group member Ali Cloak of Withy King LLP and Matthew Barnes of One Crown Office Row.