Anthony Grainger, 36, was killed when he was shot in the chest during a Greater Manchester Police operation in Cheshire in 2012. He was unarmed at the time.

Tony Murphy of Bhatt Murphy, solicitor to Anthony’s partner Gail Hadfield- Grainger  said:

Gail Hadfield- Grainger  hopes that this long-awaited decision will ensure progress in securing truth and accountability in respect of the fatal police shooting of Anthony Grainger”       

Jonathan Bridge of Farleys, solicitor to Anthony’s parents said:

“The family have already waited for over 4 years to learn the true facts surrounding Anthony’s death and are keen that there be a full and transparent inquiry with all material made available, particularly the secret evidence that prevented the criminal proceedings against the Chief Constable from continuing. The Public Inquiry should now allow such secret material to be properly considered.”

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST said:

When a member of the public is shot and killed by the state, it is absolutely essential that there is a robust, transparent and far reaching investigation looking at all the circumstances.   We welcome this decision and hope that four years on from Anthony Grainger’s death, this inquiry will now go ahead without any further delay”

INQUEST has been working with Anthony’s partner Gail Hadfield- Grainger since April 2012. She is represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group member Tony Murphy of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors.

INQUEST has also been working with the parents of Anthony Grainger who are separately represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Jonathan Bridge from Farleys Solicitors,Leslie Thomas QC from Garden Court Chambers and Adam Straw from Doughty Street Chambers.