22 September 2021

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman has today published a report on the death of 'Baby A' after 18 year old 'Ms A' gave birth alone in her cell on 27 September 2019.

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST, said: “This harrowing report exposes the inhumane treatment of a young woman in need. It is further evidence of the inability and inappropriateness of prisons for keeping people facing serious trauma safe, and in this case their new born babies.

The findings reflect the broader issues of systemic neglect of women’s health, shown by ever rising self-harm and continued deaths of women in prison. Yet still the Government plans to build 500 more prison places for women, when the reality is that this could happen again tomorrow.”

Elaine Macdonald of Tuckers Solicitors, who represents Baby A's mother, known as Ms A, said: “The failings identified in this report are truly shocking. A vulnerable young woman giving birth alone in a prison cell should never have happened, and the number of significant concerns raised about her treatment while in custody need to be urgently and fully examined.”



For more information contact Lucy McKay on 020 7263 1111 or [email protected] 

Read the full report here and the PPO media release here.

[Banner image: Charlie Nokes, Perception]