17 March 2020

The INQUEST team are now all working from home for the well-being of our staff. We are reviewing our systems and processes and at the forefront of our plans are the needs of the bereaved people we work with. 

We will continue to prioritise our advice and casework service. If you need to contact us, please leave us a message on 020 7263 1111 (our voicemail is being monitored regularly), or send an email to [email protected]. If you require casework support, please use our Help and Advice webpage. 

The INQUEST team will not waver from our commitment to standing shoulder to shoulder with families in the search for truth, justice and accountability following contentious state related deaths.

In the coming days and months, it is likely that conditions inside closed institutions will deteriorate. INQUEST will be monitoring the situation as best we can. We are committed to working in partnership with bereaved families, NGOs, and lawyers, to ensure there is transparency from government and the relevant agencies following any death in custody and detention.  

As the situation unfolds, we will provide regular updates via our website and social media on the provision and availability of our services and other support agencies.

Thinking of you all at this unsettling time. Please reach out to each other for support. 

Deborah Coles
Executive Director, INQUEST

Update - 23 March

INQUEST has published a briefing on COVID-19: Protecting people in places of custody and detention. The briefing sets out our immediate concerns around the pandemic, focusing on our areas of expertise. We highlight the government’s human rights obligations and the need to protect people in places of custody and detention. Read more.