18th August 2016

Today, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced that they are conducting a criminal investigation into the death of Dalian Atkinson.  Two police officers have been notified they are under criminal investigation and been served with gross misconduct notices. 

The family of Dalian Atkinson said:

“We are still in shock as to the circumstances in which Dalian died. We are determined to get justice for him which means getting to the truth. We welcome the IPCC’s decision that this is will be a criminal investigation and emphasise their request that there should be no speculation in the media as to what happened to Dalian, as this could prejudice the criminal investigation and any potential prosecution.

We ask that anyone with information about what happened to Dalian in the early hours of Monday 15 August 2016 contacts the IPCC.

We are looking to the IPCC to carry out a thorough and robust investigation that will ultimately provide transparency and accountability.  Dalian’s memory requires nothing less.”

Deborah Coles, INQUEST Director said:

“The death of Dalian Atkinson has rightly generated significant public disquiet. The impact of this death is not just on his grieving family, friends and the football community. It raises serious questions for us all about the use of force by police officers on vulnerable people.  We hope this criminal investigation is conducted promptly, rigorously and sensitively in order to establish the truth and hold those responsible to account. “

Neither the family or their solicitors, Hickman and Rose, will be making any further comment at this time while the investigation is on-going.

The family is represented by Kate Maynard and Helen Stone of Hickman and Rose solicitors.  INQUEST are working with the family.