My son Jack Susianta died in 2015 after being chased by the police, causing him to jump into a canal, where he was watched drowning by a large crowd who were held back. He had previously suffered a drug-induced psychotic episode and been taken to Homerton Hospital A&E where he was subjected to a high level of restraint by police officers.

After Jack's death our caseworker from INQUEST was the only person amongst the myriad authorities involved that we could trust. She became a very important person for us through the inquest process, giving us sound advice as well as compassion.

Later through INQUEST, I met other family members and gained strength and solidarity from them.  I have made so many new friends at INQUEST, who understand what our family has been through. Projects and events organised by INQUEST have helped me feel positive in making Jack's story heard,  and I have gained strength in making a difference and searching for social and structural change.