You can either ask your solicitor to make an application or, if you don’t have a solicitor, you can make an application yourself. Generally it is better to request an adjournment as soon as you realise it might be necessary. 

To request an adjournment yourself, you should put your request in writing directly to the Coroner. However, we would advise that you discuss this with your INQUEST caseworker first. Your caseworker will be able to advise you on the process, and may be able to help you draft the request.   

To write your request, we have provided a suggested template below:

  • Address your letter to ‘HM Coroner [name]’ and begin with ‘Dear [Sir/Madam]’.

  • Start by setting out why you are writing, for example: ‘I am writing to kindly request an adjournment of the [Pre-inquest Review Hearing] currently listed for [date of hearing].’

  • Include a brief summary of what happened to your loved one.

  • Clearly set out your reasons for requesting an adjournment. For example:

    • ‘We have reviewed the documents we have been provided with and we would like to seek specialist legal advice on the issues.’
    • ‘We have not yet received the [PPO report/SIR report/IOPC report/other relevant documentation] and we would like to review this before we can outline our concerns to the coroner.

  • Thank the coroner and sign-off your letter, for example: ‘We sincerely hope you will agree that an adjournment is necessary in the circumstances. We are very grateful for giving this matter your attention. Thank you for your time and anticipated assistance.’