Mason Clark, my beloved son, tragically passed away at the tender age of 14 while waiting to access specialised mental health services. His inquest revealed a heartbreaking truth: 'multiple missed opportunities of agencies involved with Mason to share key information amongst themselves to allow him to receive treatment for his mental health.

This devastating revelation not only affected our family but echoed a disturbing pattern. Mason was one of six children who lost their lives in similar circumstances within six months, all within the same area in 2021. This shared tragedy fuels my determination to advocate for systemic change and ensure that no other family experiences such heartbreaking loss.

Losing Mason was an unimaginable tragedy, the most challenging experience of my life. Navigating the inquest process was initially overwhelming, but discovering INQUEST proved to be a turning point. Their unwavering support not only enabled Mason's story to be heard but also illuminated the failings in the system. Motivated by the desire to prevent other families from enduring similar heartbreak, I am now proud to work alongside INQUEST. My mission is to ensure that no family has to face the same failures we did and that every struggling child receives the support they deserve.

I have a focus on creating informative materials tailored for professionals within essential services. These documents shed light on the unique needs of children and families, advocating for necessary adaptations in practices. My aim is to foster a compassionate and supportive environment where those in need can find the help they require.