My daughter Jess died whilst in the care of mental health services in a crisis house in Bristol in October 2020. At that moment our lives were turned upside down. 

In the midst of unimaginable grief, and desperate to discover what had happened, we were thrown into a complex inquest process of which we had no knowledge, and were not equipped to navigate. 

Our caseworker at INQUEST was incredibly kind and supportive, she ensured that the inquest was delayed so that the facts of what happened would be properly investigated, and she found lawyers who worked incredibly hard on our behalf.

I will always be grateful that INQUEST was there to provide us with support at the very worst of times. Getting to know the wonderful staff and some of the other families affected by state related death, has been the only positive in this dreadful experience. I want to give something back in any way I can, to support others and to campaign for change so that there are fewer preventable deaths, and this cycle of misery is broken.