You have the right to be informed when the post-mortem examination is taking place and the right to have a representative present. You can notify the Coroner that you wish to have a representative present, only then will the Coroner notify you of the planned date, time and place of the examination. 

You are not entitled to personally be present but you can have a legal representative present. 

You also have the right to a second post-mortem and can ask the coroner to preserve your loved one's body while you consider this. Please see page 26 of INQUEST's handbook which deals with this point in more detail.

In order to have a second post-mortem, you will need to instruct solicitors who in turn will instruct a pathologist. There may be additional costs involved.

When the examination has been completed you can request the post-mortem report from the Coroner if they haven’t already provided it. However, it is quite normal for the first draft of the report to be delayed whilst they wait for the toxicology report.