What is a Serious incident Report?

The NHS trust who was responsible for your loved one’s care might undertake an investigation into the events surrounding your loved one’s death. This is often called a 'Serious Incident Review' or a 'Root Cause Analysis investigation report'.

The purpose of the investigation

The purpose of these investigations is to establish the originating (or ‘root’) causes which are likely to have led to a death. The focus of the investigation will be on establishing any causes and contributory factors to a death, and identifying what lessons can be learned from them. The Trust's report should address:

  • - Establishing what happened
  • - Looking at the standards of care and whether there are any concerns in the standard of treatment or care received
  • - Addressing the family's concerns about care and treatment

It is worth noting that often the investigations are often not independent as they are carried out by the same Trust who provided care to your loved one.