You have the right not to be excluded from all or part of the inquest if you are an Interested Party. 

Ensure that the you have the date, time and location of the inquest in order to attend. If the inquest is being held remotely, this will often be done via the platform 'Microsoft Teams' and you will be sent a link by the coroner's officer in order to attend online.

You have the right to question the witnesses, but please bear in mind that the coroner may limit the questions if they think the questions are not relevant.

When you receive the witness list and have reviewed the statements, write a list of questions you may want to ask of each witness. 

Note: if you do not want to ask the questions yourself, you can submit your questions prior to the inquest to the Coroner to ask on your behalf.

You can also pass questions to the Coroner during the inquest. If the inquest is being conducted remotely, ask the coroner at the start of the hearing how they would like you to do this.