4 June 2020

INQUEST stands in solidarity with the family of George Floyd, the recent police killing in the USA. The shocking dehumanisation of a black man restrained to death. This most extreme manifestation of state violence and racism resonates with INQUEST’s work in the UK. For nearly four decades we have worked alongside bereaved families whose loved ones have died in custody and detention. We recognise the pain and trauma of those reliving these events.

INQUEST has documented how a disproportionate number of Black people die after the use of lethal force and neglect by the State. This is not new, and these are not isolated tragedies but part of a systemic problem. A pattern of cases synonymous with state violence, structural racism, injustice and impunity. The extreme end of a continuum of overpolicing and criminalisation.

Deaths in custody are a global human rights issue. We stand alongside the families of all those who have died at the hands of the state or in its institutions. Our campaign for Truth, Justice and Accountability knows no borders.

We, the INQUEST Family Reference Group, as family ambassadors, want to post a message of solidarity to all families bereaved by state violence. We feel the echoes of pain and anger in those affected by police brutality and neglect. We are stirred by the outpouring of solidarity in the rejection of anti-black racism and discriminations we see across the world. This is an issue that know no borders. We walk alongside you on the long road to truth, justice and accountability. We see you, we are here for you and we will keep going. Enough is enough. 

BANNER IMAGE CREDIT: Zethu Maseko 2018