19 May 2020

The Government has today published its response to the criticisms of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) made by The Anthony Grainger Inquiry in July 2019.

The Government has accepted the grave concerns raised by the Inquiry regarding GMP’s fatal shooting of unarmed Anthony Grainger on 3 March 2012, and the Inquiry’s series of recommendations for widespread reform of armed policing in the UK.

The response charts the progress made by policing organisations in response to the longstanding concerns arising from Anthony’s death in 2012, much of it worryingly vague and painfully slow.

It also explains that a former Assistant Chief Constable of GMP, Steve Heywood will face a gross misconduct disciplinary hearing on 1 June 2020 in relation to evidence he provided to the Inquiry. Three other former members of GMP’s senior management team are currently under investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) arising from evidence uncovered by the Inquiry.

Anthony Grainger’s partner, Gail Hadfield-Grainger said: “It has been almost a year since the Inquiry’s report, and over eight years since Anthony’s death, so I am relieved to finally receive a response from the Government.

The response is important but words will never be enough to save lives. I intend to meet with the Minister of Policing to ensure that concrete changes are made to armed policing in this country without further delay in order to protect the public."

Gail’s solicitor, Tony Murphy of Bhatt Murphy said: “The conduct of GMP as revealed by the Inquiry is a stain on the integrity and safety of armed policing in this jurisdiction.

The Government’s response accepts the need for long overdue reform, the detail of which will require anxious scrutiny in order to uphold the right to life of every citizen.”

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST said: "The inquiry exposed a litany of failures by GMP and a pervasive culture of obfuscation by its officers when subject to public scrutiny.

Too much of this response is aspirational and meaningless unless changes can be implemented with urgency. Without demonstrable learning and accountability there is impunity. Delay runs the risks of more preventable deaths."



For further information or interview requests please contact 020 7263 1111 (option 3) or [email protected]
INQUEST has been working with Anthony’s partner Gail Hadfield-Grainger since April 2012. She is represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Tony Murphy of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors, Pete Weatherby QC of Garden Court Chambers and Fiona Murphy of Doughty Street Chambers.

The parents and brother of Anthony Grainger are separately represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Jonathan Bridge of Farleys Solicitors, Leslie Thomas QC of Garden Court Chambers and Adam Straw of Doughty Street Chambers.

The full response from the government is available online.

Details and records from the inquiry are available at graingerinquiry.org.uk, including the full terms of reference.


  • A full public inquiry was established by the then Home Secretary Theresa May in March 2016.
  • The Opening Session took place on Tuesday 26th July 2016 and a Preliminary Hearing took place on Monday 14th November 2016.
  • Directions hearing took place on Thursday 15th December 2016. The oral hearings took place on 17 January - 28 April 2017 (see transcripts).
  • The closing remarks were heard on 17-18 May 2017.
  • The conclusions were awaited for over two years and were finally published in July 2019 (see media release).