14 June 2019

Today on the two-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire, we at INQUEST pause to reflect and remember the 72 men women and children who needlessly lost their lives. We send our support and stand in solidarity with the bereaved families, survivors and residents.

These families continue to show great courage, defiance and strength as they selflessly and tirelessly fight for the truth and campaign for the safety of us all.

INQUEST will be attending the Grenfell silent walk this evening and we invite everyone to join this silent walk to show solidarity and support to the Grenfell community.

Grenfell shall remain forever in our hearts. 💚


INQUEST Director, Deborah Coles has written an opinion piece in the Guardian, 'Grenfell victims put their trust in the public inquiry. That trust is being betrayed' published today. She outlines the demands of bereaved families, as reported in Family reflections on Grenfell: No voice left unheard, an evidence based report filled with first-hand testimonies of bereaved families who make insightful and practical recommendations for this Inquiry and following future disasters.