10th June 2016

10am, Before HMC Mary Hassell
St Pancras Coroners Court, Camley Street, London N1C 4PP
Time estimate: 2 to 3 weeks

On the evening of 19 December 2014, 18 year old Henry Hicks was riding his scooter in Islington near his home in North London when police officers in two unmarked cars began to follow him. After several minutes, the police officers put their flashing lights and sirens on. At one point both police cars’ speeds were in excess of 50mph in a 20mph area. Several seconds later Henry collided with a car driven by a member of the public and veered into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Henry was given first aid at the scene but was pronounced death at St Mary’s Hospital later that evening.

Henry Hicks’ family said:

“We have lost a son, brother and nephew who was loved dearly by us all. We are heartbroken at his death and hope that this inquest gives us some answers as to what happened.” 

Deborah Coles, INQUEST, said:

“Henry’s death has caused significant disquiet in the local community. The issue of how a young man came to die following a police pursuit must be the subject of the most robust scrutiny.”

INQUEST has been working with the family of Henry Hicks.  The family is represented by Dean Dunham of Debello Law LLP and INQUEST Lawyers Group members Nicholas Rhodes QC and Alexander dos Santos of Charter Chambers.

Neither the family, their lawyers or INQUEST will be making any further comment at this stage.