May 2019

INQUEST has an unwavering commitment to speaking truth to power and ensuring that bereaved families are central to the battle for long term systemic change to prevent future deaths. Working closely with families and lawyers for almost forty years, INQUEST has been at the forefront of improving practice and policy following state-related deaths. This report details the key activities and impact of the work of INQUEST between 2016-2018. 

INQUEST is operating in challenging circumstances as we are seeing the impact of deepening inequality born out of austerity in the increase in demands for our advice and support. Demand for our expertise and input has also increased both nationally and globally. In an era witnessing the rise of the far right, the hostile environment and of the politics of othering, it is our duty and responsibility to stand tall and challenge head on discrimination and racism, as well as their root causes. 

INQUEST has transformed and politicised the investigation of contentious deaths, the defence of human rights and access to justice. Alongside bereaved families we have placed these issues firmly on the policy and public agenda and will continue to in the struggles for truth, justice and accountability. 

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