21 August 2020

INQUEST has published the latest issue of Inquest Law magazine. The journal provides an overview of the issues arising from investigations and inquests into state related deaths, as well as relevant case law updates.

Written by INQUEST Lawyers Group members and invited contributors, the journal informs practitioners about recent legal developments relating to the inquest system and the investigation of sudden deaths, with extensive casenotes written by the leading lawyers in the field. The magazine also keeps practitioners informed of policy developments in related areas.

Anyone can subscribe to Inquest Law and the magazine is free to members of the INQUEST Lawyers Group.

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In issue 41...

The effect of Chief Coroners Guidance No.37 appeared to stymie, limit and frustrate investigations into deaths where inadequate provision of PPE, was or may have been, responsible. A feature article by Jessie Nicolls of Doughty Street Chambers (from page 4) details the impact of the guidance and subsequent amendments, following intervention by INQUEST and ILG members.


The Black Lives Matter protests after the murder of George Floyd have forced the issue of structural racism and police violence into the light, drawing unprecedented attention to the systemic and global issue of Black people dying at the hands of the police. Over 400 civil rights and civil liberties lawyers and campaigners endorsed the statement by INQUEST, Police Action Lawyers Group, ILG Steering Group and United Families and Friends Campaign on page 8.

Alongside two case law reviews by Michael Etienne of No5 Chambers and Stephen Cragg QC and Fredrick Powell of Doughty Street Chambers, this edition features seven case notes of inquests into the deaths of people in prison and immigration detention, as well as failures in care and safeguarding for people with mental ill health and other health needs.

Published three times a year, Inquest Law is a vital resource for anyone working on the investigation of sudden deaths. Inquest Law is distributed widely amongst lawyers, coroners, academics and policy makers. 

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