3rd August 2012

Pam Duggan, Mark Duggan’s mother, said:

“The past 12 months have been terrible. We still have no answers about why my son died.

“Thirty one police officers surrounded Mark and he was shot twice.  Why?  Why have none of the police officers given statements, one year on?

“One of the last things my partner, Mark’s dad, said before he died a few weeks ago was that he wanted justice for his son.  We still don’t have justice.

“I won’t give up until I get justice for Mark.  People need to be held to account for my son’s death.  There needs to be a full inquest, in front of a jury of ordinary men and women, to find out the truth.”


Notes to editor:

  1.  There will be a private memorial service taking place on Sunday 5 August in Tottenham.
  2.  The family will not be giving further interviews.