25th January 2013


2pm Monday 28 January 2013

Before His Honour Judge Cutler
HM Coroner’s Court, 
29 Wood Street, Barnet, EN5 4BE

The adjourned hearing of inquest of Mark Duggan was due to commence on Monday 28 January 2013 but unfortunately the family has been informed that the full hearing will not take place on Monday but will be adjourned to a future date to be fixed.

HM Coroner Andrew Walker has appointed His Honour Judge Cutler to be his deputy. The reason for the appointment is apparently because of sensitive and potentially secret material which the Coroner is prevented from seeing. The same restrictions do not apply to a Crown Court judge but they do to the family, their legal team and the wider public.

INQUEST, the family and their legal team are deeply disappointed with the adjournment since these problems were anticipated over a year ago and the family predicted and raised these concerns at several of the previous pre inquest hearings. It is now hoped that a date will be set as quickly as possible and that this inquest will resume with a jury so that the full circumstances into Mark’s death can be fully explored.

Deborah Coles, Co-Director of INQUEST said:

“Failure to hold a prompt inquest will only lead to more distrust of the investigation process, more pain for the family and the ever present risk that the same thing could happen again.

“Let us not forget there’s a bereaved family waiting for answers, alongside the wider community, about why Mark Duggan was shot dead by police officers.

“While there are legal complexities surrounding sensitive material, it is absolutely vital a solution is found quickly so that the family can get answers to their questions and there can be a thorough public examination into the circumstances surrounding this death.”

Marcia Willis Stewart, solicitor for the family said:

“Delay in justice invariably leads to justice waylaid.”

INQUEST has been working with the family of Mark Duggan since his death in August 2011. The family is represented at the hearing by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Marcia Willis Stewart from Birnberg Peirce solicitors and barristers Mike Mansfield QC, Leslie Thomas and Adam Straw.