28 November 2019

INQUEST is proud to be a partner of the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund. The fund will to be the first permanent national resource for those affected by deaths in custody, making small grants available to families and their campaign groups across the UK to provide practical domestic assistance, to further the work of their own campaigns or to assist them in engaging in other local, regional or national campaigns, events and initiatives.

This fund will make a real difference for families and their campaign groups that need financial support during their struggles for justice. These struggles are often long and place significant personal and financial burden on bereaved people, who are working to make safer systems for all of us. Find out more about the fund and how to set up a regular donation on the official website.

I have always been committed to developing practical solutions to social hardship and injustice, and I see the National Family Fund as such. This fund forms part of the lasting legacy to my cousin, Mikey Powell, who died in police custody in September 2003. 

Tippa Naphtali , cousin of Mikey Powell


Funds can be available for a wide range of things including:

  • Promotional materials (banners, t-shirts, badges, business cards etc)
  • Costs like stationary, postal and related items or equipment
  • Help towards travel expenses to events, inquests or conferences
  • Assistance with the costs of counselling or therapy services
  • Support with essential household provisions and bills
  • Short holidays and family respite breaks

My brother Sean Rigg died in police custody in August 2008. The impact on our family has been devastating and there are many thousands like us who need your support. It’s time to step forward to keep up the work. With your support we can move closer to justice.

Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg

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