4th August 2017

Rashan J Charles, 20, died in Hackney, East London following restraint by police in the early hours of Sunday 23 July. Rashan is one of four black men who have died following police contact in just over six weeks in England.

The family have issued the following statement:
Rashan Charles’ family have met with the IPCC to discuss their investigation, and have put a list of concerns and questions to them, which they now want to see answered.  The family make the following statement in the wake of that meeting:

“We are a large family and speak with one voice.  Our single objective is to establish what happened to Rashan, and to do this using all lawful means available.  We expect the IPCC to conduct an investigation to the highest possible standards, and to provide the answers we urgently seek.  We have raised concerns with the IPCC about openness and transparency, which is regrettable at this early stage.  We are aware too of the results on the forensic analysis conducted on the package recovered at the scene.  Whilst this is important, we wish to make clear that the content of the package must not detract from our primary concern, which is to investigate the conduct of those involved in the incident that led to Rashan’s death”.

The first statement from the family, asking that interested parties respect the family’s approach of allowing time for meaningful investigation and not allowing hostile actions to detract from their current co-operative engagement with investigators, can be found here.

INQUEST has been working with the family of Rashan Charles since his death. The family is represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Carolynn Gallwey and Chanel Dolcy of Bhatt Murphy Solicitors. 



For further information, please contact Lucy McKay on 020 7263 1111 or [email protected]

The family are not doing interviews at this time. You are welcome to email INQUEST and we will take note of those interested.

We are aware of the following deaths after police contact in June/July 2017:

  • Wednesday 21 June - Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, black male, died in Newham, East London following restraint by police after stop and search six days earlier
  • Wednesday 19 July - Darren Cumberbatch, 32, black male, died in Nuneaton, Warwickshire following restraint by police
  • Saturday 15 July - Shane Bryant, 29, black male, died in Leicestershire following restraint by members of public and police two days earlier
  • Sunday 23 July - Rashan J Charles, 20, black male, died in Hackney, East London following restraint by police after stop and search.

Updates on investigations into these deaths from the IPCC can be found here.