9 June 2022

Oladeji Omishore died on 4 June 2022 following contact with Metropolitan Police Officers on Chelsea Bridge. His family have issued the following statement:

"We are deeply shocked and pained by his death and the heartbreaking videos played out in the media. There has been a lot of public interest and concern around the circumstances of Oladeji’s death, which is now the subject of an investigation by the IOPC- which we hope is a significant step forward on the road to justice for Oladeji and Metropolitan police accountability.

Oladeji’s family are engaged in the investigations following Oladeji’s death. We ask not to be contacted, and for our privacy to be respected during this difficult time. We believe that disinformation may already have been published, and ask that members of the public and press do not pre-empt the conclusions of the investigations which are now underway. We encourage anyone who has information about the incident to contact the IOPC.”

Anyone with information can contact the IOPC on 0300 3035579 or email [email protected]



For more information and a photograph of Oladeji, contact INQUEST Senior Caseworker Selen Cavcav on 020 7263 1111 or [email protected] 

INQUEST is working with the family of Oladeji Omishore following his death. The family is represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Kate Maynard and Helen Stone of Hickman and Rose solicitors.