7 December 2023

The inquest into the death of Ruth Perry has today concluded, finding an Ofsted inspection 'likely contributed' to the death of the headteacher.

Ruth's family were forced to CrowdFund to be legally represented at the inquest, while public bodies had top legal teams at public expense.

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST said:

“The coroner has made clear the significant disadvantage the family of Ruth Perry would have been in without their legal team. 

Their legal representation has been vital in ensuring wide ranging scrutiny of a death of such public importance. It is unacceptable that three legal teams defending the practices of their organisations all received funding from the public purse, whilst the family had to crowdfund at a time when they were grieving. 

The absence of equality of arms and power imbalance in such cases is unjustifiable and a stain on a democratic society and needs to be urgently addressed. 

In light of the evidence it is clear that there needs to be systemic change in the hope that future deaths are prevented, and her death has made a difference and done some good as she did in life.”

INQUEST continues to campaign for legal aid for inquests, to end the inequality of arms between bereaved families and state bodies.



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Also see the Legal Aid for Inquests campaign