30th June 2017

HM Assistant Coroner for East Sussex James Healy Pratt
Hastings Coroner’s Court, Muriel Matters House
Breeds Place, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3UY

Opens 10am, 3 July – expected to close 6 July

An inquest hearing will start on Monday 3 July 2017 concerning the death of Sabrina ‘Sabby’ Walsh. Sabby, 32 was admitted to Woodlands ward at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on the afternoon of Monday 31st October 2016 from the Eastbourne Section 136 suite under Section (2) of the Mental Health Act.  Serious concerns about numerous other deaths in the trust’s care have been raised in recent years.

When Woodlands staff were carrying out checks at 8pm, Sabby was not in her room. When staff returned for a further check 5 minutes later, they found Sabby with a ligature around her neck. Sabby was on the ward for less than four hours. The inquest will look into events leading to Sabby’s death, including the treatment and care she received whilst she was in the care of the Trust.

Christine Lavers, Sabby’s mother said:
“We hope the inquest will give us the truth and that changes will be made to make sure that this never happens again. Not just for justice for Sabby but protection for future patients who have no one to speak up for them.”

INQUEST has been working with the family of Sabby Walsh since November 2016. The family is represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group members Shaki Sanusi from Birnberg, Peirce Ltd and Tom Stoate of Garden Court Chambers.


For further information, please contact: Lucy McKay on [email protected] or 020 7263 1111

• The family will not be giving further comment until the conclusion of the inquest.
• Earlier this month an inquest found a number of failings by a hospital run by the same trust contributed to the death of another patient, Janet Muller who was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. There are also details of a number of other deaths.