Steve Reed MP calls for independent investigations into deaths in mental health setting and #LegalAidforInquests in a Westminster Hall debate on Mental Health Act reform. 

Deaths in mental health setting should be investigated in the same way that deaths in any other form of state detention are investigated. Such investigations must be conducted by fully independent bodies that command the confidence of the public and bereaved families. By failing to learn from preventable mental health deaths, we condemn other vulnerable people to the same tragic fate.

I fully support [INQUEST's] demand for non-means-tested legal aid to be available to families at inquests, so that there is a level playing field between the bereaved family and the well-funded organisations accused of potential wrongdoing.
Read the full text of the debate: Hansard

INQUEST, with the support of bereaved families and specialist lawyers, is calling for:

1. An independent system of pre-inquest investigation following deaths in mental health settings, equivalent to systems of investigation in other places of detention.

2. Legal aid for inquests through automatic non means tested public funding for bereaved families, for specialist legal representation immediately following a death.

3. The creation of a national oversight mechanism tasked with the duty to collate, analyse and monitor learning outcomes and their implementation arising out of deaths in custody and detention and other state related deaths.

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