5 November 2021

Before Assistant Coroner Jonathan Leach
Harrogate, at the Pavilions of Harrogate,
Railway Road, Great Yorkshire
Opens 10am on Monday 8 November, expected to last 5 days

Steven Richard O'Neill was 28 years old when he drowned in the River Ouse in York following police contact on 20 April 2019. The inquest into his death opens on Monday 8 November 2021.

North Yorkshire police officers began to chase Steven by foot, along the River Ouse, shortly before he entered the river. After two hours, the police took Steven out of the water and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Steven’s family describe him as a fantastic role model for his younger sisters and ‘a rock’ to the family. The best son, brother, and uncle anyone could ask for. They said, “The untimely tragedy and loss of his death is a void in our family like no one can ever fill or imagine.”

The family hope that the inquest will consider the events of 19 and 20 April 2019 and the actions of North Yorkshire Police.


For further information, interview requests and to note your interest, please contact Lucy McKay on 020 7263 1111 or [email protected]

The family is represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group member Amber Anders of Southerns Solicitors and Kate Bisset of Park Square Barrister Chambers. The family are supported by INQUEST Caseworker, Jodie Anderson. 

Other Interested persons represented are the North Yorkshire Police.