25 January 2019

Before Area Coroner Jonathan Leach
Wakefield Coroner’s Court,
71 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3BS

Opens 10.00am, Monday 28 January 2019
Listed for 5 days

Timothy McComb was 38 when he died in the transitional supported housing where he lived, Cottingley Court in Leeds, on 26 August 2016. He was under the care of East North East Leeds Community Mental Health Team. The inquest into his self-inflicted death will open on Monday. 

Timothy’s family describe him as a ‘Peter Pan’, who was fun-loving and always supportive to others. He was a loving uncle to his nephews and nieces, and always very close to his parents. In the years before his death they felt he had changed and needed help.

Timothy became involved with the Mental Health Services after being admitted to hospital under the Mental Health Act in 2014.  From June 2015 up to the date of his death, he was allocated a care co-ordinator from the Community Mental Health Team. In July 2015 ‘West Yorkshire - Finding Independence’, a local charity supporting people with multiple needs, also began providing support through a support worker. 

Despite input from these agencies, Timothy had numerous admissions to acute care, the Intensive Community Services, as well as contact with Accident and Emergency, due to threats to harm himself and actual self-harm. In the days prior to his death Timothy was taken to the A&E at Leeds Hospital after taking an overdose of prescribed medication.  

Despite concerns being raised by his GP, Timothy was found hanging from the front door to his flat on 26 August 2016. His family hopes that the Inquest will look at the following key issues when considering the circumstances leading to his death:

  • Was the support Timothy received at Cottingley Court adequate for his needs?
  • Was there adequate crisis care and support in place when Timothy was discharged from A&E on the 22 August 2016?
  • Was there a delay in identifying Timothy’s needs and providing an appropriate diagnosis?

They also hope there is consideration of the management and treatment of Timothy by the Community Mental Health Team.

Timothy’s siblings, Jason, Katie, Natasha and Robynn said: Timothy needed and wanted help. Unfortunately, we believe he didn't get the help he needed and now he is gone. We miss him every day and our family doesn’t feel the same anymore. Timothy has left a big gaping hole in all our lives and that can never be filled or healed. We pray that he knew how much we all loved him and that he is at now at peace. Even though there are only four siblings here and now, there will always be 5 of us.”


For further information and to note your interest, please contact Lucy McKay on 020 7263 1111 or [email protected]  

INQUEST has been working with the family of Timothy McComb since January 2017. His family are represented by INQUEST Lawyers Group member Sara Lyle of Minton Morrill solicitors, and Andy Fitzpatrick of Garden Court North Chambers.

Intensive Community Services is a local service for adults with mental health needs, that provides an alternative to hospital admission. More information.