11 August 1998

HM Coroner John Hibbert Coroner for Cheshire Sitting at the Coroner’s Court Warrington

Wednesday 12 August 1998 1.30pm

The inquest will take place on Wednesday 12 August into the death of 24 year old Tracey Logan who was found hanged in her cell on 25 August just three days after being sentenced for 12 months for theft. The inquest is expected to last for the afternoon.

Her family has waited nearly a year for the inquest. They want to know what steps were taken to look after a vulnerable new prisoner, who entered prison on a daily methadone prescription, between her reception three days before her death and the time she was found hanging in her cell.

INQUEST is concerned about the issues Tracey’s death raises about the treatment of vulnerable women within the Prison system and in particular about the care of those who are drug dependent. Tracey died almost a year after another young woman, Katherine Woods, also drug dependent took her life in HMP Risley (19.08.96). We have already drawn these cases to the attention of H M Chief Inspector of Prisons Sir David Ramsbotham in our submission to his Thematic Review of Suicide and Self Harm In Prison.

INQUEST has arranged for solicitor Ruth Bundey to represent the family at the inquest. She is working without the benefit of resources, as legal aid is not available for representation at inquests. The Prison Service is represented out of public funds. NB: In 1997 there were 71 self-inflicted deaths in prison of which three were women. There have been 51 self-inflicted deaths in 1998 of which two were women