12 August 2002

The Grenfell Tower Fire must be a turning point in this country's history. The further dislocation of the bereaved and survivors from the inquiry because of the pandemic can be mitigated by knowing that you recognise that the response to this preventable tragedy must be fundamental change so it never happens again. 

Deborah Coles, Director of INQUEST

INQUEST has written to the chair of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, recommending that he use his discretion to urgently review the implementation of the interim recommendations made following the first phase of the Inquiry. There is a worrying history of recommendations disappearing into the ether as a result of the lack of proper auditing and follow up action taken. 

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In the letter, we also reiterate the need for the Inquiry to examine the role played by institutional racism, discrimination, socio-economic background and inequality, as previously stated in our submission on the terms of reference back in August 2017. 

INQUEST also notes deep concern that six months after Benita Mehra stepped down in January 2020, when her links to the company that made the combustible cladding were exposed, a new panel member has still not been appointed.

Any new appointment must have expertise or experience in areas of community relations, social policy and social housing which are crucial to understanding the issues of concern in this Inquiry.

There must be publicly accountable learning from the Grenfell Inquiry. INQUEST has long highlighted the need for a national oversight mechanism to ensure official recommendations from inquiries and inquests are systematically followed up. 

The lasting legacy of Grenfell must be structural change to ensure such a preventable tragedy cannot happen again. This can only be achieved through meaningful action from the Inquiry and government to secure public oversight and accountability of the implementation of recommendations. 

INQUEST have been working with and supporting bereaved families and survivors since the Grenfell Tower fire.

Last year, we held a Family Consultation Day with 55 families bereaved following Grenfell Tower fire which informed an evidence based report filled with practical recommendations for this Inquiry and any future disasters. 

INQUEST also coordinates the Grenfell INQUEST Lawyers Group, which includes lawyers representing those bereaved in the fire. For the Inquiry INQUEST has undertaken policy, parliamentary and community-based work.

    For more information on INQUEST's work with families bereaved following the Grenfell Tower fire, visit our Grenfell Tower campaign page

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