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INQUEST was deeply shocked by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 and has seen first-hand the devastating impact on the affected communities. We are committed for the long run to pushing for the greatest scrutiny throughout the ongoing inquiry and investigations. We hope to ensure families have access to truth, justice and accountability in the way that those affected by previous disasters, such as Hillsborough, have had to fight for. No stone must be left unturned, the truth about this tragedy must be exposed and those responsible brought to account.

For over 35 years INQUEST has provided free, confidential advice about contentious deaths and their investigation to bereaved people, community groups, lawyers and the voluntary sector. We are independent of the Government. This means that we are uniquely placed to advise about the various investigations now taking place into the fire at Grenfell Tower. After advising one Grenfell resident a few weeks after the fire, he gave the feedback "‘That’s been so helpful and you have put my mind so much more at ease at rest."

This page includes information for bereaved families and relevant links.



You can find more information about the inquiry on the official inquiry webpage:

Terms of reference:

  • INQUEST submitted a detailed response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry consultation on the Terms of Reference. You can find a short version of the submission here. Our proposal is no more than those affected deserve and is necessary if the inquiry is to fulfil promises made by the Prime Minister. 

  • On 15 August the Government announced the terms of reference, which can be found here.


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Other updated multi lingual information for Grenfell residents and the community can be found here


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Photo: © Ron Fassbender