Lampard Inquiry consultation on the terms of reference

INQUEST responds to the consultation on the terms of reference of the Lampard Inquiry, the independent statutory inquiry into the deaths of mental health inpatients in Essex.

  • INQUEST Briefing (December 2023)

Westminster Hall debate "Deaths within mental health care"

In this briefing we outline the systemic failures in the care of people with mental health needs and support the call for a statutory public inquiry into the deaths of people under the care of Essex mental health services. 

  • INQUEST Briefing (November 2020)

INQUEST briefing on COVID-19: Protecting people in places of custody and detention

In this briefing we outline immediate areas of concern in relation to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and our areas of expertise. 
  • INQUEST Briefing (March 2020)

Mental Health Act 1983 Reform (Briefing)

A short briefing on required reforms to the Mental Health Act 1983, with a focus on preventing and better responding to deaths in mental healthcare, for a debate in Westminster Hall.
  • INQUEST Briefing (July 2019)

Immigration detention inquiry

Joint Committee on Human Rights examines whether current legal and policy frameworks are sufficient in preventing people being detained wrongfully and whether current practices in the detention system protect human rights.

  • INQUEST Submission September 2018

Prison healthcare inquiry

The Health and Social Care committee considers the effectiveness of prisons and prison healthcare services in meeting the physical and mental health, and social care, needs of prisoners.

  • INQUEST Submission May 2018
  • INQUEST Oral Evidence from Rebecca Roberts, Head of Policy July 2018

CQC Review of Investigations into Deaths in NHS Trusts 2017

Care Quality Commission Review of how NHS trusts identify, investigate and learn from the deaths of people who are under their care.

  • INQUEST Submission October 2016 
  • INQUEST Family Listening Day Report May 2016

Policing and Mental Health 2014

Home Affairs Committee inquiry investigates what can be done to improve the use of police and mental healthcare resources, and reduce the number of people with mental health problems who find themselves in a police cell when they should be in a hospital.

  • INQUEST Submission May 2014

Police Procedures in Dealing with Mental Health Issues 2013

Backbench Business Committee Briefing for debate in Westminster Hall on 28 November 2013.

  • INQUEST Briefing November 2013

Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing 2013

Chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, the aim of this commission is review the work of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) with regard to people who have died or been seriously injured following police contact or in police custody and to make recommendations to inform MPS conduct, response and actions where mental health is, or is perceived to be, a key issue.

  • INQUEST Briefing April 2013