What is an inquest?

Following a contentious death, often involving state institutions such as prisons, police and mental health services, a legal investigation into the death might take place. This is called an inquest. An inquest is a fact finding process to establish who died, when someone died, where someone died, and how someone died. 

Navigating the inquest and post-death investigation processes can seem daunting and overwhelming. We’ve compiled some useful resources to guide you through the process and answer some commonly asked questions.

In some instances, we might be able to offer specialist one-to-one advice and support.

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The INQUEST Handbook is designed with and for bereaved families going through an inquest. We explain what an inquest is, how it works, and how to make sure your voice is heard.

INQUEST Handbook

We’ve answered some key questions which many bereaved families want answers to after the death of their loved one, and ahead of an inquest. We answer questions about legal representation, attending inquests, to inquest conclusions and much more.

Frequently asked questions

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