INQUEST is calling for an end to the inappropriate use of imprisonment for women, the majority of whom are serving short sentences and who have experienced the extremes of poverty, domestic violence and abuse.

In May 2018 we published Still Dying on the Inside. The report highlights the lack of action from successive governments to prevent deaths and puts forward a series of recommendations to close women’s prisons by redirecting resources from criminal justice to community-based services.

We are campaigning to:

  • Redirect resources from criminal justice to welfare, health, housing and social care.
  • Divert women away from the criminal justice system.
  • Halt prison building and commit to an immediate reduction in the prison population.
  • Review sentencing decisions and policy.
  • An urgent review of the deaths of women following release from prison.
  • Ensure access to justice and learning for bereaved families.
  • Build a national oversight mechanism for implementing official recommendations.

Download the report 

IMAGE CREDIT: 'Perception’ by artist Charlotte Nokes who died in HMP Peterborough in 2016. Charlotte won several Koestler prizes for her art and described herself as the ‘the artist in residence’. Design by Marina da Silva,